Saturday, January 3, 2009






I don't have any pictures from the bath time yesterday because it was pretty tramatic and Sid left me to fend for myself. But Mom, Dad, Maggie, Bo, Erin, and Leslie came yesterday and spent the night. We were so excited to see them and have them see Bailey. So for a recap of the pictures above: Erin and Bailey - my two princesses! Bailey and her namesake - Aunt Maggie Ellen! Bailey with Mimi and Erin- Mimi's two princesses!

Bailey sleeps most of the day and night, waking only to eat. She does like to be awake at some point to get some talking to. She loves to be talked to. She is rotten. She does not like to be put down and left. For instance, when we feel she has been held enough and try to lay her down to sleep, she cries until she is picked up again. Other than that, she never really even cries. I guess since she should still be technically growing for another two weeks, this is normal and I'm sure it WILL change. For now, we are just resting up and thrilled to have her home!
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