Thursday, January 15, 2009

She Is A Little Trickster

Night before last Bailey slept from 9:30 until 5 the next morning. Never moved. Sooo I was thinking we might be making progress with this whole needing to eat all the time thing. No such luck. She was awake practically the whole night and when she did go to sleep the last time she was back up at 5 a.m. She just now went back to sleep.

We went to the eye doctor yesterday to follow up with that. And all was well. Sometimes one of her eyes looks "droopy" to me, but the doctor couldn't tell anything about that yet. If it doesn't get better, we will go back in 6 weeks. Other than that, her muscles, vision and eye anatomy are fine and NOT damaged from being early or being on the vent.

She is growing like a weed, but she is still so small. None of her clothes fit her, as you can tell from the pictures. Sid and I were just talking this morning about how much probably weighs now.

She is a rotten little thing, but we love her!!!!

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