Tuesday, January 20, 2009

First Trip to Mimi and Poppy T's

So Bailey and I made the trek to Oneonta on Sunday. Sid wanted to hunt and was working too, so we came to Mom and Dad's. Mom has been WONDERFUL. She has loved having this baby here and is letting me get some sleep. Apparently Sid is right and I snore something horrible because Mom wouldn't even let me sleep with them last night. Good news, Bailey has been sleeping in the pack in play in Mom's room. But she did wake up and stay up last night like she usually do.

Erin got to come over and spend lots of time with Bailey yesterday, as she and Leslie were out from school for MLK day. It snowed here in Oneonta yesterday too. Didn't stick, but they were big ole flakes. I have some cute pictures of Bailey but I don't have my cord to upload them here. Sid is going to be so amazed at how much she has grown since we have been gone. He has enjoyed his hunting time without worrying about me and Bailey being stuck at home, but he said he woke up at midnight looking for a baby to feed. haha!

We will head back to Philly sometime tomorrow. And I'll try to post pictures then.

Oh yeah, Bailey had her first smiles. I thought she smiled at me yesterday but couldn't be so sure. Mom was talking to her this morning while I was in the shower adn sure enough, Mimi got two big smiles out of the sweet baby!

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