Sunday, January 18, 2009

Today Was The Day

That Bailey was due! And I can't EVEN begin to imagine what life was like without her, so I can't begin to imgaine having to wait a month longer than we did to get her here. Although I must say I was talking to her this morning and telling her we could have forgone a nasty vent experience if I could have made it to today. So yeah, I'd have glady waited a month longer if I could to have spared her from that. But my dad was right when he told me while she was still in the NICU that we'd move on from that experience. Boy was he right. The time has flown by and NICU is but a distant memory that will never be forgotten, I can promise you that!

And thank God for daddy. He got up with Bailey last night and made it through her 3 hour "awake" episode. He actually slept in this morning, so you know it was rough. I, however, got some much needed to sleep. I'm wanting to go to Alabama to see my family and Sid is gladly helping us to prepare. I know he's thinking sleep would be awesome. I'm thinking that too, and I'm thinking it's Mimi's turn to stay up with a wide eyed, beautiful baby who wants to be talked to at 1:00 in the morning for HOURS. hehe!!!

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