Friday, January 2, 2009

It's Amazing To Me

That the ticker says something like 17 days and my Bailey is lying over here beside me snoozing. We had a great first night, all things considered. I think Bailey is enjoying just not being bothered until she is ready to be bothered. She got up twice and then for good about 7:30 a.m. this morning. So we'll see how today goes. She is the smallest baby I've ever seen and it's hard not to just snuggle with her constantly. I'm trying to give her her rest because we have family coming in and she'll get her fair share of holding I'm sure.

Ok, so we were cautioned big time about RSV. Here is a description of RSV taken from the web: Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) infects nearly all babies by the age of 2. In adults and children, RSV usually causes mild cold-like symptoms. But in premature babies and children with certain other medical conditions, it can develop into a serious respiratory illness requiring hospitalization. Premature babies or those with lung or heart problems have an especially high risk. We were told that if Bailey were to get RSV, considering her birth weight, birth age, and lung problems that she would have to be taken to UAB or Children's and put back on the vent. I was told not to take her to church, daycare, or any where else people might get in her face for several months. RSV season ends in May. We specifically asked about being around children who come to the house to see her who have been at daycare. Dr. Boyd said don't do it. So we are asking that if you want to come visit Bailey, please do not bring your children right now (unless you are family and then we'll tell you what we have decided). We are also asking that if you smoke, you not visit Bailey right now. It's just a risk we cannot take. We see the peditrician sometime next week and maybe we'll have more information and know just how "at risk" she is.

We'll I'm off to snuggle with my little girl. Again, we just can not express to you all how much we appreciate your prayers, calls, texts, comments, etc. We are truely blessed Bailey is a miracle to us. She's going to get a bath later and I'll post some pictures if I have time.

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