Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday

So, did you go out shopping?   I didn't.  I'm not a true Whithead.  I think NeNe and Kylie were out and home before the sun came up.  I talked to NeNe about 9:45 a.m. and she sounded like she had been run over a time or two.  She always seems to make the news on Black Friday though.  I prefer to do most of my all of my shopping online on Black Friday.  Although, today I didn't buy too much.  Didn't buy any gifts as a matter of fact, and Toys-R-Us made me mad.  They had some deals, like free shipping on orders of $49 or more OR buy two get one free OR get $10 off your $30 or more purchase, BUT here's the deal:  the free shipping items have to be select items, the buy two get one free have to be select items and the get ten bucks off was if you used that "buy now, pay later" feature.  I never could get my select items to match up so I just gave up and didn't buy anything online. 

Bailey and I left about 2:00 heading back to Mississippi and she had about twenty nine meltdowns on the way home and about three once we got home.  I only stopped once and I was glad I did.  I stopped at the rest stop right before we get off the interstate on the Mississippi side of the trip.  Anyway, Bailey was so mad that she was having to follow the law and ride in her carseat that she had pitched such a fit that she was broken out into hives.  Scared me at first, but once I got her calmed down they immediatly went away.  I don't know when she'll learn that she will have to ride in that carseat no matter how mad she tries to get.  She is feeling better and I can tell that, but I can also tell that she doesn't feel 100% better.  She got up way early this morning (she's a true Whitehead) and Dad gave her the morning bottle and such.  He said she coughed up a huge chunk of junk so I guess that's a good sign.  I just feel bad for her and hope she turns the corner on this nastiness sooner rather than later.

And finally, I wanted to share mother's decorations.  She does such a good job and I wish I had taken a picture of the table before I left today because she is already gearing up for Christmas!  Part of the magic of holidays at my parents is the decorations because my mom just has that touch!
The sideboard, which is new, and I love it by the way!

The dinner table!

The dessert table!  I bet Mom spent every bit of four days or better fixing up this table.  See all that stuff under the glass of the table?  It's pictures, pictures from all throughout Mother and Dad's courtship and wedding, pre-kids, pictures all throughout each of our childhood's and now pictures of all the grandkids, too!  It was really neat.  She made two fudge pies (I mean yum, yum, yummy!  Nobody makes a fudge pie like my mama!)  and a pecan pie.  I don't think any of them or left a mere 24 hours later!

I'm not really sure what you call these big things, but they were used outside the church at Maggie and Bo's wedding last Christmas and mom has added her own touch to them for the holidays this year.  They are really cool!  Ok, so here's a "mom story"!  We all had linen napkins in a sterling silver napkin holder and I noticed as I walked by one of the place settings that there was an engraving of initials, something like E.M.P.  I didn't ask.  But later into conversation, over fudge pie, one of the boys asked why their napkin holder was engraved "jane".  Mom proceeds to tell us that she wanted sterling napkin holders and has just randomly collected them from here and there, not worrying that they were all engraved from someone else's lifetime.  We laughed at her, but secretly, I was thinking it was really a neat decorating idea because they were all different.  Dad says that next year we are going to report on what "our person" has been doing for the past year.  Only problem is, mine wasn't engraved, I got the only blank one at the table.  The other night when me, mom and Leslie got Chinese, my fortune cookie didn't have a fortune in it either.  It's a good thing I don't believe in those kinds of signs because I'm thinking those signs wouldn't be good ones.

I have another funny mother story but we can only handle one at a time so I'll share that one and those pictures maybe tomorrow.  We love you Mom and thanks for always making our Holiday's something special!

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