Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Sick Babies

I don't think I had mentioned this but last Friday I got a call that Bailey was running a high temp at daycare. I thought surely it was just her teeth because the day before she had seemed just fine. But Friday night during the night, I got a little scared, as she ran a VERY high temp and I had to put cool rags on her body to get it come down, the tylenol and motrin were not doing their jobs. So Saturday morning we headed to the urgent care to find that she had a bad ear infection in just one ear. Armed with an antibiotic and some numbing ear drops, we head to Bama on Sunday morning. She has been fine, not totally fever free, but not fussy and playing and such since we got here. Until today....she woke up fussy, had a worse than normal cough and after nap was running a VERY high temp again. I have an appointment to see the pediatrician here at 9 in the morning.

Leslie got a call from Andrew's daycare this afternoon that they thought he might be throwing up. So she spent the afternoon at the doctor with Andrew. Good news he is not throwing up, but the bad news is his reflux is back and does have a slight cold.

After going to Erin's program this morning, I brought the sweet girl home with me.

Well, home after we had lunch at McDonald's. She and Bailey took a GREAT nap together and so tonight after the babies had been medicated, they all played together for a while.

Then they all three took a bath together and got ready for bed. Poppy T came in from guitar practice and I'd say these peeps look like they are done for the day - a day where they didn't feel so well.

I've enjoyed seeing this little man this trip!

He's turning into more of a little boy and not a baby anymore. Could you not just die for those baby blues? Those are the bluest eyes I have ever seen on such a young child. They are so blue they don't even turn red when you take a picture of them. He's gonna get anything he wants from his Mama with those eyes, you just wait and see!!!!

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