Sunday, November 29, 2009

Can I Just Say

That my head hurts. Why you ask?  Because I've been working my little heart out trying to figure out the best solution for Christmas cards.  We wouldn't need a solution if A.) I didn't have the cutest kid in the world, thus making it hard to narrow down pictures and B.) I didn't want the most expensive cards on the world wide web.  Google has not been my friend today. 

On a positive note, I do have one artifical tree up, fluffed, and with lights on it (we figured it would be better to have a non-real tree rather than a real-live tree in the house with Bailey's breathing problems right now) and some decorations outside only in need of an extension card, AND some decorations still swirling around in my head that have yet to see the light of day.  Bailey doesn't know what to think of the tree but LOVES LOVES LOVES her stocking.  Too bad it came from the worst shop in town last year.  I should call the lady and ask her what her return policy is because  I don't think I can stomach looking at that stocking for the next 75 plus years just knowing where it came from.  Even though I wish I had not bought it where I did, I'm glad Bailey loves it and we will love it forever and ever, Amen!

If you have any good tips on Christmas cards, let me know.  Until then, it's already after 10:00 and I still have some devotional reading to do and baby that will probably be up just as soon as I get done with it since she's boycotting sleep these days.

And, to end on a sad note, it doesn't look like Sid's work will slow down anytime soon.  For those of you that don't know, he didn't even get to come to Thanksgiving because of work.  I just saw on the news that there was a fatal car crash here in Neshoba County- a 14 year old driver who escaped with only a few scrapes, but an 8 month old baby was thrown from the car during the crash and did not survive.  Pray, people, pray!  That's all I can say because otherwise I have no idea what the world is coming too!  That, and I'd like to see my husband at some point this Holiday Season!

I need to also say that I have a new format on blogger with all kinds of neat things, but there is no spell check.  We all know that if life was made up of spelling and math I would have had to call it quits a long time ago!  Fortunatly it's not, so you all just get to deal with on the blog.  Sorry!

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