Saturday, November 7, 2009

Random Stuff But Thankful Still

This sweet girl is sick AGAIN!

In order to be eligible for the RSV shots that are supposed to either A) keep a baby with respiratory problems to begin with from getting RSV or B) keeping the RSV from being so bad if they do get it, you have to meet certain criteria. We were told by the discharge nurse from the NICU that Bailey probably wouldn't qualify because here are the qualifications:
Babies born prematurely at 35 weeks or less
Babies who weigh 5 pounds or less at birth
Babies born with heart disease
Babies with chronic lung disease
Babies who will be around things such as cigarette smoke.

In contrast to those qualifications, Bailey was born at 36 weeks, not 35, and weighed 6 pounds, not 5. She isn't around anyone who smokes, we were careful to keep her away from wood burning heaters during the winter and were told by the nurse at her pedi office that she probably wouldn't qualify either. So we didn't push the issue.

Why do you have to qualify? Because RSV season lasts something like 5 months and the baby has to get one shot a month for those 5 months and each shot costs like $2000. So if insurance denies your request, you are just out of luck and hope your baby who was born one week too late and one pound too heavy but with lung problems just won't get RSV.

By now you know that we weren't so lucky. Bailey got RSV. And it could be completely coincidental, but we have not recovered yet. She has this insecent cough ever since and it finally got bad enough to warrant a trip to the doctor. After some x-rays and a few breathing treatments I was given the choice one again of the hospital or some shots and go home, only to return first thing the next morning. I chose option B, we got some shots, headed home, and Friday morning went back to the doctor first thing. As a side note, when we got home from the doctor Thursday, Bailey got in her highchair, ate a good supper, cried to be picked up, threw up all over me and the floor and fell asleep. I didn't think things were looking to promising for us to stay out of the hospital over the weekend.

I usually don't get up in the middle of the night for any reason unless I just have to but I did get up and make sure she had those breathing treatments like they told me to do them. Thankfully, on Friday morning, the doctor felt she was doing much better....BUT....said something has to give....the coughing and wheezing just isn't good and she is defiantly having lung/breathing problems.

So next Thursday we start yet another journey with yet another specialist in hopes of getting a handle on the situation. We will see the pediatric pulminologist out of Jackson. Until then, we are doing breathing treatments every 4 hours and Bailey is ill as a hornet.

And I intend to write the company that puts out the RSV shots and the insurance company. I know it's too late this year. But we can not have another RSV season like this one. I know she didn't meet the immediate qualifications, but surely with all these documented problems, and a possible diagnosis of either asthma or lung disease, as I did hear that mentioned from the doctor on Friday, surely there are other circumstances that can be looked at. Mom inquired about paying out of pocket for the shots, like she has $10,000 for some RSV shots, and was told that insurance won't even let you pay out of pocket.

Whatever the case, I intend to beseech the insurance company on my daughter's behalf so that maybe we don't go through this again. Just pray for us and with us that we get to the bottom of what is going on. I'm not sure how long her little body can tolerate all these meds being inhaled into her heart and lungs every 4 hours.

And just think of these pictures you've just seen. Such a picture perfect baby. And she is, she is the sweetest, most innocent, biggest reason to rise in the morning that my life has ever experienced. She is the epitomy of God's unending love for us. Not only to give His son for our sins, but to give us our own children to love and watch grow on a daily basis. I pray for her daily those sweet hands will grow to learn how to use to them to serve God and others.

But until she can use those hands herself to serve, I intend to keep them as happy and healthily as I possible can. So, to the maker's of Synagis, aka the RSV shots, get ready for a few pictures of this sweet girl along with a very nice letter from the sweet girl's mama. I have to have answers. Hopefully, Thursday we will get some. Until then, please be safe with your children. Wash their hands, don't let them put stuff in their mouths if you don't know where it's been. Shopping carts and restaurant highchairs are the worst. And most of all, if you have a sick child, especially one with RSV, please please please keep them at home. RSV is nothing more than a cold to healthy children. But to kids like Bailey, it can be deadly. RSV season is in full swing and we got it rather early. Just be safe and careful this Fall and Winter season.

And I hope you enjoyed the pictures of our sweet princess. We had them taken by a sweet friend and have many many more to share.

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