Monday, November 30, 2009

It's Beginning To Look Alot Like Christmas

At the Whitehead household.  We don't have a very big house and we have an eleven month old, so there alot of decorations that won't be going up this year, but what we are doing is looking so good.  I don't know about Sid but I think this is the best we've decorated so far.  Bailey, on the other hand, acts like the big lighted tree that appeared in our den is no big deal.  Maybe it'll stay that way.  What she does like is her great big snowman stocking that I wish I hadn't bought simply because of the place I bought it that I'm glad she likes. 

My all time, must have, even when we don't have anything else, like last year when I was pregnant and not doing very good, is a real Christmas tree.  But this year we decided to get the artificial tree out of storage and use it because of Bailey's breathing and asthma.

The actual ornaments aren't on it yet, but this is what it looks like so far and I'm pretty happy with it.  This is totally different than anything I have ever done.  That stuff is kind of orangey-red-gold, not orange like it looks in the picture.  On the front of our house we have three sets of double windows, so we put wreaths in the middle of each with the same mathing ribbon net stuff and white lights.  Plus, Sid got us two topiaries on Black Friday, which I have wanted for at least the past three years, for a great deal and those on the porch with white lights.  I'll have to take pictures of the outside tomorrow.  Sid has some yard decorations but he hasn't mentioned if he is going to put those out yet or not.  Oh, and I know the tree skirt doesn't really match all that well, but it matches mine and Sid's stockings and I've seen what's out there now, and I don't think we could do much better.

Our door is sort of in the corner of the porch, so we decided  not to do anything to it since it would be all smashed together right there in the corner.  I LOVE this netting ribbon looking stuff though and I could put it everywhere if Sid would let me.  We got it at this place in town that is just a local "everything" store and they had all kinds of colors.  Made me want to have two or three trees so one could be all hot pink and then one could be State colors.  How 'bout that Bulldogs, by the way???

So, in other Christmas news, I think we've decided on Christmas cards AND I think we are slowly marking off names on the shopping list. 

So, what does that leave?  Oh yeah!  A birthday party for a soon to be 1 year old that we all know and love.  I have no idea what theme we are doing yet and I really don't know how we are going to fit everybody in our house but we are going to do our best.  My solution was to somehow "screen in" the carport and have a heather out there so we could use that space too.  I won't say on the blog what Sid told me we would look like.  hehe!!!

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