Monday, November 23, 2009

Our Little Indian

Bailey and I are in Oneonta for the week. I've needed this trip home to spend more than a mere 30 hours at a time but then again in the process it makes me a little sad to be away. Mom let me sleep in the morning AND she slept with Bailey so not only did I get an uninterrupted night of sleep, I also got an uninterrupted morning of sleep, too! She said that won't happen the whole week and I'm sure it won't because she has lots to do to get ready for the big Thanksgiving meal on Thursday.

We spent some time with Uncle Will today, which is A-MAZING because he's always so busy throughout the weekends when we are here that we rarely see him. It's such a shame that he'll forever be a bachelor because it amazes me at how babies and children, and I suppose women, take to him. Bailey acted like she was used to playing with the boy on a daily basis. They'd be for sure pals if there were around each other daily. We also got to eat lunch with Poppy-T at Cafe On Main, one of Daddy's favs when in town. Bailey has sweet potatoes, broccoli and rice, and carrots. She burped and had broccoli breath pretty much the rest of the day.

We also have plans to go see this cute little Indian in a very short (the note said be there at 10:30 and if you get there at 10:32 you might miss the show) Kindergarten program in the morning. Then I'm not sure what we will do.


I should have taken the camera just to put it on the blog, but last night I got to participate in an old timer tradition. My friend Rosemary has forever cooked Sunday night supper, for as long as I can remember, and I used to have a standing reservation at their house. So this past Sunday, Bay and I made the trip up the mountain to see the Atkinson's and have some of Rose's good cooking. I think Bay enjoyed it more than I did (the cooking I mean), but as always, the meal and fellowship lived up to it's reputation. Just another thing that makes me miss home. I don't think I have one friend that I can just up to their house, make myself at home, feed me and my child, etc. in Mississippi. So there defiantly is something about being able to come home.

We will be here until at least Thursday afternoon, possibly even later, but we miss Daddy and hope he gets some time off soon to go hunting. Everybody in the Philly area that was in jeopardy of dying pretty much did just that at the end of last week. So, he ended up having to work the entire first weekend of hunting season and it wasn't even his weekend to work. At last count, I think they've had 9 funerals since Friday. So we hope people take a break off from the thing that gets them some business and he comes for Thanksgiving dinner and gets to visit awhile.

Still no final decision on Bay's birthday just yet, other than the date, which is Dec.19th, so save the date.
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