Thursday, November 12, 2009

Pulminologist Report and Chick-Fil-A

You know, I've had children on my caseload before who were so medically and educationally challenged that their mother's had huge 3 ring binders that housed all of their medical and educational records. Sometime during the summer it crossed my mind that I should have probably done a better job at keeping up with exact dates of things and conversations with doctors just for the record. But I didn't and Bailey is no where near as medically challenged as those I refer to here. But anyway, we visited the third or fourth specialist, possibly the fifth one, since 12/22/08 today. And I loved him. His name is Dr. Haltman and he assured me without me even having to ask that he will take as good of care of my baby as he possibly can. We got a good report, basically just some bad asthma, and maybe some "healing" that is still taking place from the crycoid split in May, which I have my doubts about, but anyway.....We will stay on Pulmicort twice a day, Cingulair once a day, go back on the Prevacid because reflux can either trigger asthma or make it worse, (I got confused), and do Xopenex as needed. She sounded great and we go back in December to see how things are going. Oh, and of course he tried to make me feel as guilty as he possible could about how bad daycare is for babies with repiratory issues. Hmmm, oh well, life happens, and thus, so does daycare! He did follow up that sentence with something like "statistically babies who are in daycare have better immune systems in the long run because they have been busy building it up by catching everything that goes around." So yeah, that made me feel tons better.

We discussed RSV and RSV shots and he didn't seem to think that her getting the shots would help things in this matter. So, whatever on that, too!

Bailey and I went to Chick-Fil-A after the appointment and she had her very first happy meal. The little bugger ate all four chicken nuggets, about three waffle fries, and some ketchup. She got a hold of my cup when we were done and you should have seen those arms and feet a-going when some good ole cold Dr. Pepper finally made its way all the way up that straw and into her mouth. She's been trying for weeks now, but today she finally got it. It seems like overnight she has just grown up so much.

Ok, either my computer is ready for bed or blogger is acting a fool, so I'm done I guess. I've just got some things that are heavy on my heart right now and I'd appreciate some positive thoughts and maybe a prayer to the Big Guy on my behalf if you wouldn't mind. It's nothing I won't work through and of course, as always, I have the best husband a girl could ask for. So that always helps too!

Ok, I so didn't mean to end this on a sad/what the heck is going on kind of note, and I probably should delete the post and start over......

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Val said...

Listen Gage was in daycare the first year, stayed very sick, in and out of the hospital but look at him now, since he's been in reg. school or even preschool for that matter, he's been relatively healthy. I am one of those mothers w/a child w/one 3 ring binder and a child w/two very large 3 ring binders about to start his third one! So glad I've kept all that stuff though, it was imperative in his younger years and now I can look back and go right to a section to help someone else who has questions...and one day he'll look thru it and be amazed that he went thru all that. So exciting she's eating all that! She'll be fine, her mommy takes good care of her!