Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Can You Believe It?

The Holiday's are here, and guess what that means? We have an almost one year old on our hands. Oh, the stress of birthday parties and what to do, what to do, what to do is about to begin. We've been thinking on it for quite some time now and I was just almost sure we'd do the generic "hey look I'm 1" for the first party since she isn't old enough to tell us what she wants. But last night, Sid had a light bulb moment and reminded me that Bailey LOVES her some Mickey Mouse Club House. Not just plain ole Mickey Mouse, but Mickey Mouse Club House and Handy Manny. We vetoed Handy Manny right away because my little girl's first birthday party will not be themed around a maintenance man and his talking tools. But Mickey Mouse Club House was a great idea, except it's just not very girly. So I've been doing some searching and I know these pictures won't tell the whole story of what the party would be like, but check out these themes and let me know what you think.

So, there's Minnie from Mickey Mouse Club House. So we could throw some girly stuff off in there.

And here we have some spin off's of the "hey look I'm 1" theme. Not bad, but just generic. I was thinking if I did this then I'd have a big vase of fresh cut flowers as the center piece and maybe a 1 birthday cake decorated with flowers and such to match which ever one we chose. Oh, and there's that "hey I'm 1 AND a princess". I don't really like it though because I'm sure she will want a princess birthday party soon enough.

Here's a cupcake 1 theme. I sort of like that because I can use it as a cupcake themed birthday party and have her big cake be a big cupcake and her little cake that she gets to dig into be a smaller cupcake.

I just don't know. But I what I do know is this: She turns 1 on Dec. 22nd. I'm pretty sure we will do her party on a Saturday, most likely sometime before the 22nd. Rather we do it here or in Alabama, it's just a busy time for all. I say Alabama because I have friends in Alabama who I've helped to celebrate their children's birthdays before and I'd like to have some of them be able to come. Don't take this the wrong way because it isn't as sad as it sounds, but I just don't have many friends here. I also thought we might have it in Alabama for another good reason. None of Bailey's great grandparents here will be able to travel to Alabama just as none of her great grandparents in Alabama will be able to travel here for a party. While she is little, we could swap up the parties for a few years so all grandparents get to participate. When she gets a few years older and wants friends of her own to be invited, we'd for sure just have her parties here. I think it would be fair for the great grandparents in Alabama do some there. Also, since we'll most likely have her big party on a weekend, we'll have to do a little something on her actual birthday, which happens to be on a Tuesday this year. Great grandparents who couldn't travel to Alabama for her big, real party would most likely for sure get to see her on her real birthday whereas if we have everything here, there are people in Alabama who will be left out all together. And here's another thing, the chior's Christmas music is the first weekend in December. I had thought about having her big party that weekend because Mom and Dad are already coming for that since I'm singing. But I don't want to set the precedence of always having her big birthday party a few weeks before her actual birthday. When she gets older she won't like that.

So, in case you missed what I do know for sure, here it is again: Bailey's turning one and I'm stressing out about it. Which of the above do you like?


The Cooley Family said...

I like them all. Tell I said he needs to bring Bailey to see mamaw and Papaw. I print pictures out for all the time. She made the comment I guess that is the only way I will get to see her.

Beth said...

I love the princess party stuff... that is my unofficial vote--- like it counts.