Monday, December 21, 2009

Bailey's Fisrt Birthday Party

So, there has been tons going on around here since the last post, the biggest and best of all being the FIRST BIRTHDAY PARTY, of course!!!!!  This is sort of lengthy and with tons of pictures.  So get ready....

The day started out with Aunt Maggie and Uncle Bo coming over early, with some good Mickey D's coffee to go with the great breakfast stuff that Sid fixed us.
Maggie wanted to go ahead and bring Bailey's Christmas present since it is a toy that will help her learn to walk.  So Bay got to start the morning off by opening presents. 

Look at that butt, is it not the cutest thing you have ever seen?  She did so good with it.  When she moves from the carpet and it hits the wood floors, she just takes off and looks as if she is going to get carried away with herself, but she doesn't.  We have plans to move the TV to another wall and open up our "den area", so hopefully soon she will have even more room to learn to walk and use all her new toys.

I got her cake made at a cake place in Meridian, so Uncle Ben picked it up for us Friday afternoon.  If you look closely, there is some stray icing on the cake board and the cake is a little crooked on the cake board.  That's becasue Uncle Ben is the best driver in the world and kept from having an accident so as not to destroy the first birthday cake.  But, unfortunatly, in the near-accident, the cake did a little sliding and this is how it ended up.  We are thankful that the cake didn't get hurt and was presentable at the party.   We are thankful that Uncle Ben picked it up for us and saved me a trip to Meridian just to get it, and that he did not have an accident and his truck is still in one piece and he is unharmed. 

Speaking of cake, let's skip right to the cake part of the birthday party.  I did not get Bailey her own smash cake because what's the point in spending more money for her OWN cake to just play in when her cake was plenty big enough for her to have a big chunk of I forgot.

Family picture before the singing of Happy Birthday! 

She had a little help from cousin Erin blowing out those candles and it's a good thing because she really didn't know what to do or thing.  She finally reached over and got the "1" candle from the cake.

Of course, it still had hot wax on it, but that didn't seem to bother her.  She enjoyed the candle more than the cake I think.

Waving at everybody since she had everyone's attention.  I mean what else does a girl do when she knows all eyes are on her but give a big shout out to the crowd!

Still not sure what she supposed to be doing.

And still got holding onto that candle, she figured she'd see if I wanted a bit.  This is problem my most favorite picture of the entire day!

 Still got that "1" candle, we finally put her in her highchair so she could dig in with her big chunk of cake.  Based on all the pictures leading up to this one, I think she had to have help putting the candle down and diggin in, but I was busy cutting the cake so I'm not sure.  She did seem to enjoy herself and got cleaned up in the kitcen sink, with cold water because the water would NOT get warm.  I felt so bad, her little teeth shivered and I've never seen them do that before. 

I skipped right to the cake part, but before that we had good ole Sid hamburgers and a few dips, with Nene's homemade lemonade.  Sid had his hamburger meat freshly ground and everything and Bailey chowed down her her's.  Then we did the cake and presents.  Once the party was over and we were cleaned up and back at home, Bailey had some special spend the night company.

Bo and Maggie were in town again for the night and Chris stayed with us along with Erin and Andrew.  We had the best time at our house after the party.  We all came home and put our pj's on and just chilled watching TV, talking hunting, and loving on us some sweet babies.  The water at the church might have been cold, but this bath water was just right!
It was way passed Bay's bedtime at this point and she was having a good time until Aunt Maggie walked in the bathroom and Bailey saw this as an opportunity to be saved from the madness.  haha!  Bless her heart! (The water is not as dirty as it looks.  Bailey got some tub pens and they make the water turn colors.)
She got her a bottle and called it a night.  I should add that this is the second time she fell asleep with Aunt Maggie yesterday.

Ok, I have to stop here because we are about to head to Sid's mom and dad's house to have our Christmas with them.  BUT, you will NOT want to miss the pictures I have left at from the post from this night.  I took so many pictures of all the babies and I'm telling you that Andrew Self is the cutest little thing I've seen.  I have pictures of all of them in their pj's after their bath and just some random one's.  So I'll try to finish up when we get home. 

But I have to say here that I am so thankful for my sweet Bailey and the fact that we celebrated her birthday on Saturday.  Tomorrow, her actual birthday, will just be a day of mixed emotions I'm sure, because the time has just flown by but at the same time she just makes this house such a happy and special place to be. 


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His Doorkeeper said...

Happy 1st Birthday Bailey! She is a doll! That cake was beautiful! WOW!

Blessings to your family!

Kelly's Mom,