Wednesday, December 9, 2009

This Is Not My Norm

If you know me well and love me lots, you know I love to blog and I LOVE to read other people's blogs.  I love to read anything really, but more recently I've loved the blog thing.  So, it just so happens that not one, not two, but FIVE bloggers that I read have been given HP Touchsmart computers to try out and have also been given one EACH to give away to a blog reader.  I have recently been asked to join this blogger community called BlogHer, which is basically just networking for bloggers, and apparently there is some money in blogging if you do it and do it well.  I don't really know, yet, because my codes to put the money making stuff on my blog haven't arrived yet.  But as part of this network, I might also get to try things from time to time from sponsers and give something this grand away.  Maybe...but I doubt it. 

Anyway, two of the bloggers are offering extra entries into the give away if you blog about it and link back to their blogs.  See, they want you to leave my blog and go check out their blog because they get money for every hit to their blog from BlogHer for advertising space on the blog.  Does that make sense?  I didn't think so.  Just so I can get my two extra entries, because this computer is a cool looking bad-boy, here are the two links and a link to the entire article from BlogHer with all the blogs doing the give away.  Maybe you should enter to win!  I mean, there are only 100 million people trying for 5 of these puppies, so surely between my 5 entries and  your 5 entries we can win one, can't we?  What's that?  I have better odds by going down the road to the casino with a $20 bill in hand, you are probably right, but those are odds I'd rather skip on for now. 

Speaking of skipping, skip on over the see MckMama at My Charming Kids and Kelly at Kelly's Korner.  Don't forget to visit BlogHer.   Here's another link for you.

Bailey goes back for a re-check at the pulminologist tomorrow afternoon and she might just get to visit Santa for the first time.  We'll see if she's up for it.  I don't expect anything major to have to report after we see the doctor tomorrow.  I think everything is finally under control, but shhhh!  Don't tell Bailey that, she'll find something to get into!

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