Monday, December 28, 2009

One Year Ago Today

If you will go back and read this you will remember that today one year ago was the first time we got to hold our sweet bundle of joy!  And if you will look closely at that picture of her daddy holding her, you could already see at that point that she looked like he spit her out instead of me.  Oh, what a bitter-sweet day!  We got to hold her alright, and then quickly give her back because we had the nurse nazi's who wouldn't let us hold her for than 20 minutes three times a day.  They even went so far as to put a sign saying so on her crib.  Yep, that's right, a sign, telling this new Mama and Daddy when they could hold their baby girl.  Later, the doctor explained why and it made perfect sense-but those nurses-they needed a class on friendliness to new parents with sick babies.

Ok, ok, that's not what this is about, but seeing those pictures brought that memory back, too!

Guess what?  On New Year's Day we got to bring her home and so it won't be long and I'll quit making you remember this with us. 

So what's our sweet girl up to this morning?? Well, it looks as if a the toy aisles from BOTH Target and Wal-Mart exploded in our den and she is busy over here playing with her diapers and wipes and breathing treatment machine.  In the middle of typing this, I noticed she found the twist off caps of two medicine things that go in her nebulizer, and of course promptly stuck one her mouth.  When I reached to retrieve it, she crawled away as fast as she could go and went even faster when I got up.  She gave up the one in her mouth pretty easily, because what  I didn't know that she did know was she had ANOTHER ONE to replace it.  That one was a little harder to wrestle away from her.  I'd say this Bailey girl has come along way in one year's time.  I haven't talked much about it, but she is indeed walking...still crawling mostly....but can and will walk when she wants to!

If there is anything I've learned about this girl in the past year, it's that she get more and more like me AND Sid with each passing day.  Let me tell ya, that ain't good!!!!  

Yesterday I asked her to blow me a kiss and she blew me a two handed kiss....melted this mama's heart I tell ya!

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Jenna said...

Oh girl, I know how you feel about the not getting to hold your baby thing. B was 9 days old before I was allowed. Bittersweet is right!