Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Elf on the Shelf

So, Mom got Bailey her Elf and today we opened it and played with it.  I had already read Sid the story and I guess we are lucky that he doesn't think we are crazy.  Bailey has no idea what this elf thing is nor does she understand that her elf is reporting to Santa each night rather or not she bit someone during the day.  But anyway, part of the instructions is to name our elf, a name that our family elf will have forever and ever amen.  I intended to come up with a few names and let Bailey just randomly pick one.  But Sid decided he wanted to name this elf.  He said we could call it "Jeff the F" which made no sense at all.  I said, " Sid, it's an elf not a F, so Jeff the Elf doesn't make sense if you are wanting it to rhyme or something."  So he says, "ok, Jeffery the Elf," which still doesn't rhyme, but I had to explain that this would be our family elf's name and I think Bailey's elf is a girl, to which he replies that it looks like a boy. 

We finally decided that our elf is indeed a girl, and I just saw we can buy her a skirt to make her look more like a girl if need be.  And her name?  Her name is Jesse.  Jesse is now our first family tradition and hopefully next year Jesse won't have to report to Santa that Bailey is biting like she's having to do this year. 

On another Christmas note, Bailey got a special package in the mail today from her great grandfather Pap-Paw Self.  It was the neatest little dress for Christmas, like a santa suit, complete with the hat, but it's a dress.  I guess that would be Mrs. Claus's dress.  But it is too cute and I've already washed it so we can get to wearing it.  Be sure to look for a picture of our little santa clause with her new friend named Jesse!

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