Thursday, December 31, 2009

Shall We Take Another Look Back?

Not much on the blog to really look back at I don't guess.  But one year ago today, my Dad booked Sid and me a room in Meridian so that we could stay at the hospital and  not have to worry about driving home late at night on New Year's Eve.  He was also hoping we would take ourselves out to eat and try to take a few minutes for ourselves.  We packed our bags, thinking we'd stay at the hospital and ring in the new year with our new one, then head to the hotel and get some sleep, and be ready to get back to her ASAP on New Year's Day.

But....Bailey had other plans for she has ever since this moment in time.  We arrived at the NICU doors and rang the nurses station on the phone like we'd done a million and ten times before, waited for them to pick up, told them who we were, as if they couldn't tell by the TV monitor (I mean, they'd seen us for 9 days straight, multiple times a day at this point), and of course were told to wait, like they always told us.  When the doors opened, we started to go through them, gearing up to scrub in and put our lovely paper gowns on.  But were immediatly stopped and told that if we'd just wait outside, they were preparing to bring Bailey to us....TO US!!!!!  On New Year's Eve 2009, Sid and I got to experience normal parenthood.  We had a hospital room reserved for us, right there on the L & D floor, and actually roomed in with our baby girl.  She was still hooked up to the oxygen monitor, but I think they had to do that for protocol reasons.  They sure didn't come running when I unplugged the darn thing, the thing was messed up and would not stop  beeping.  They never noticed.  She was also getting break milk from a bottle, so they brought bottles to us.  But other than that, we were on our own.  And life has never been the same since.

Unfortunatly, I have no pictures for this 24-hour time period, as I was just happy to be with my baby and my husband...and be preparing to get the heck up out of that place.  My MIL had to go to our house and get clothes to bring for Bailey because I had no idea I'd need them.  She didn't come home in anything spectacular because I hadn't gotten that far before she was born and nothing in her closet fit but one premie outfit that we had gotten as a gift. 

Today, Sid and his brother have been working on moving the TV to another wall, it needed a jack to move there, and moving furniture around our den so that we have enough room for Toyland.  Tonight, we will all go out to eat and Sid and I will ring in New Year's 2010 with our little girl right beside us, where we've been so happy to have her for one entire year now. 

And I leave you with this picture.  At 1, Bailey can raise up just one eyebrow at you, and give you a look unlike no other.  And when you get it, you know you've been up to no good..  I put the big lens on so I could zoom in as far as I could and really try to capture this little look.  We love it!  And we love our Bailey girl so much!

Looking for this picture, I was reminded of a picture I took yesterday, too!  Bailey had to go for her 1 year check up and I was so dreading the shots for 1 year.  But she has an ear infection, which I did not know, so we couldn't get the shots. Everything else looked great, of course, and the pedi. made the comment about how she'd really just grown into herself and come out of her shell.  That she has.  Yesterday, she and I went to Chick-Fil-A and to Books-A-Million.  It took her over an hour to eat because she was so busy people watching.  People even commented about her people watching.  But when we got in the car, she threw down not wanting to get in the car seat.  Then when we got in BAM, she would not sit down in the buggy and instead insisted on standing up.  Those of you who know me know that I'm so obsessive about kids and buggies, so I put her down thinking she might walk with me for a second.  No such luck, she just saw all those books that she could pull off the shelf and throw.  So we had to hurry and get out of there, but I was thinking that maybe I needed a book on parenting a head-strong 1 year old, no joke!!!  Anyway, I've been wanting to take a picture of her in her big girl carseat for a few days and just keep forgetting, so I got one before we left yesterday.  It was raining outside and we were parked in the carport, but these pictures turned out so dark.  That's her new Bitty Baby, we named her Marlo!

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