Monday, December 14, 2009

Just A Report

Not much of anything news worthy in the Whitehead household to report. 

Bailey got a great report at the pulmonologist last week.  I think he was a bit concerned that she had had pnumonia since the last time he saw her but she looked and sounded great and we will go back in two months.  I don't really know why we have to go back in two months and not just on an as needed basis but I think that might be because the pnumonia.  She sounds better now than she has bascially ever to though.

We went to Jackson to see Sid's grandparents on the Whitehead side and a good visit.  It's always a little sad for Sid to go since his grandfather's health is deteriating so.  It's just so sad. 
I'm having a hard time right now with all the sick babies I read about and all of our loved ones who have illnesses and are suffering.  I just can't wrap my mind around why there is all this suffering, but I'm so thankful for our health and Bailey's health.

I'm also having a hard time when I think back to this time last year.  I keep thinking, well, this was the last week of my pregnancy and was complete bed rest, not that I followed it, but I was supposed to be.  And the closer it gets to her birthday, the more emotional I get over it.  I can't hardly stand to let her out of my sight and I think about all the trouble we had with feeding to begin with and now it's time to take her off the bottle.  Time just flies by and I it's a little sad.  Happy, but sad.  Her birthday was the worst day of my entire life, well, the next morning when I finally got to see her was probably a close second.  With her laying there all hooked up to those machines and on mimimal sitmulation, not eating, couldn't cry, on the vent, couldn't be held.  Just so sad.

 I think back to Christmas Eve last year and how Sid and I spent it, alone, in our hospital room, with no baby to hold.  Sid went and got us Applebee's to go and we sat in the tiny hopital room and ate it, just it the two of us, with nothing really even that good on the TV to make the time go by.  On Christmas Day I was finally discharged an we came on home to get a good shower and some real rest before starting the journey of going to and from the NICU and sitting there and staring at our baby that we couldn't hold or feed.  I remember telling him to please tell his parents to not come over because I just couldn't handle being around others that day knowing my baby was back at the hospital alone and couldn't be held.  They did come by but just for a moment.  Sid and I were in bed asleep on Christmas Day before the sun went down.  Another week went by before we got to bring her home. 

And then I think to where we are now and I'm just blown away by how good God has been to us in regards to Bailey.  She has definatly had her fair share of sickness and hospitals and surgeries and such, but she has recovered from all of it and bless her little heart, really has not a chance in the world with me as her Mama and Sid as her daddy.  We are two of the hard headest people you will ever meet and we are already seeing that in her.  She threw her first real tantrum Saturday morning. I was holding her and making toast and after I got it on the griddle, we walked away from it.  She got down out of my arms and laid in the floor face down and just screamed her little heart out.  Wouldn't let me or Sid touch her, all because the toast had to cook.  When she gets into something and we tell her no no or tap her little booty, unless we tap her rather hard, she will turn and tap us back.  She's learned to elbow us to get away.  In a way it's kind of funny, but at the same time, we will both for sure be paying for our raising. 

We've got alot to do to prepare for the big 1st birthday party and finishing up Christmas shopping.  So I may not get to post much this week.  But I'm sure there will be lots of pictures of the party after the weekend.

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