Thursday, December 3, 2009

Please Lord Jesus

Don't let my baby be a biter.  When I was working at the daycare last year, the biggest issues that I would run into was children biting.  Being the researcher that I am, I read just about everything I could get my hands on and came to the conclusion that biting is a normal part of development for children in a certain age group.  Now, if your 4 or 5 year old is biting, get to the peiditrician ASAP.  But if your 1 or 2 year old is biting, it's normal.  But, try telling that to the parent of the child who gets bit every single day for week that the.  The parent of the child that was doing the biting would always feel so bad that their child was biting.  But, boy, the parent of that child getting bit wanted a "no excuses" policy.  I did try to find some middle ground so that that all parents were happy, but alas, no one is ever happy all at the same time.  I was either doing too much or not enough, depending on which end you were on.  So one day, while talking about the issue with Sid, I was still pregnant, he asked what we were gonna do if Bailey was a biter.  I think I replied something like "well, she won't be". 

Yeah, well......yesterday she got an "ouch report" sent home that said:  Bailey Whitehead bit another child on the cheeck.  The children were seperated.   OH MY GOSH, YA"LL!  I was horrified.  She cannot be a biter.  Biters are bad.  Other parents don't like biters.  She is one of the oldest children in the class, what if she bit a baby? 

She bit Sid last night.....on the face!   She bit me this morning......on the face!   We think she is giving us kisses and doesn't know she is biting, but we disciplined her and hopefully it will go away. 

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