Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Let's Talk About Something Different

 I thought I'd spare you all the misery of re-living Bailey's NICU stay with me for a day or so.

But I have to tell you that she has been so bad today.  I did not think that the terrible two's started at exactly 1!  I'm sure it's because we are all out of routine and she so needs Ms. Susan at First Baptist Child Ministries.  I can tell she misses her so bad, because she just gets ill with me.  No really, I can tell that she has been out of childcare for well over a week now because I can't even go to the bathroom without her screaming her head off. Every time I'd walk out of the room and leave her, I'd count the milli-seconds in my head until she started screaming!

 Sid went hunting again after work and I had to just load her up and go for a ride.  We ended up at NeNe and Jerry's, and before we left, they saw exactly what I was talking about.  NeNe did something to make her mad, I think maybe Bailey had taken her glasses off her head and NeNe made her give them back, or was it that she was changing her diaper?  I can't remember, but whatever it was, Bailey would not even look at her before we left.  She's that stinkin rotten!!  We are sooooo going to have our hands full.

But here's the actual reason for this post.  Have any of you seen where you can turn your blog into a book?  Like a real-live hard back book, where your pictures are even printed out in good quality and in color?  I had never heard of such but think that is just the most wonderful invention since Dr. Pepper if it's true.  I saw some pictures of a few bloggers who had done it and they put the websites of the places they used to make the book.  I haven't had the time to look it up yet.  And don't really know the cost, but that's what I'm wondering.  Have any of you seen this, done this,  what was the approximate cost, where you happy with the end result, was the process to get it from blog to website lengthy, what site did you use, would you do it again........  I would absolute LOVE this and would LOVE LOVE LOVE to do this, BUT I don't have a million extra hours to upload almost two years worth of a blog to another site and I really don't have the random extra money right now if it's going to cost more than $100 or so.  On the other hand, something that is reasonably priced is probably well worth it in respect to the amount of money it takes to do real scrapbooking.  I could so be a scrapbooker if it didn't take so much to get started and I didn't get so over-whelmed with all the choices every time I went into a scrapbooking store.

Anyway, if you are a reader and have heard of this or done this, please let me know.  I'd seriously like to check it out!

It's almost time to ring in the New Year.  Anybody got any big plans???  Guess what we did on New Year's a year ago?


Heather said...

My baby boy has been acting up this week, too. I think it's because he misses the routine of when I go to work and he misses going to my mom's. (I work for a school so I get this week off that the kids get off.)

I have heard that you can turn your blog into a book and I'm curious about too. Actually, I think the guy that does the MckLinky's has it on his website. Brent Riggs i think his name is.

Haha, I get overwhelmed with scrapbooking, too!! I actually made a nice big one for my hubby and I, it has like 2-3 years worth in it...but I haven't since. :(

Laura said...

First, I wanted to comment on what you said about PW on my blog. I totally understand because I'm really not into her, either. If that makes any sense....I know I've mentioned her alot lately, but it's only because I got her cookbook for Christmas. I'm not even a follower of her blog. I think it's the whole "ranching" thing that gets me.

Second, your question regarding the blog book...something I want to do eventually, but I just haven't had time to really research it and just DO IT....check out my cousin's blog, www.themasonbumch.blogspot.com and search for "blog book" or something like that. Mirya has mentioned it before on her blog w/a link but she has not done it that I know of. Also, visit this blog http://miraclenamedavery.blogspot.com/ because I KNOW this mommie has done it and gave as a gift to the grandma. Let me know what you decide!