Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Man, They Sure Do Make This Pregnancy Thing Harder Than It Has To Be!!

How many of you know I'm a great big baby??? Ok, Ok, so that's all of you!! I went this morning for the gulcose test, which is a normal test for pregnant mothers. But the hard part was I couldn't eat anything until AFTER the test. I threw up once before leaving the house just from having an empty stomach but seemed to feel better as time went on. Admitting and the lab at the hosptial were fabulous, no wait at all. But I had some other tests to be conducted at the same time. So they had to draw about 5 vials of blood before I drank the sugar drink. Then I was instructed to drink the orange drink within 5 minutes. I'm thinking that at the end of the 5 mintues I can get more blood and then go eat something. OH, but no!!! After drinking the stuff I was instructed to come back in an hour. And during that hour, if you throw up the sugar drink, the test has to be repeated on a different day. So I was bound and determined NOT to throw up again. I gaged a few times and felt really really light headed a few times, but I made it. During the hour wait after drinking the drink though, Sid and I walked up to the nursery and looked at the new babies. There were 3 in there that were born this morning. Brand spanking new little things. It was a teary moment for me and I'm sure it was for Sid too!!! Just a reminder that it will all be worth it in the end.

I don't know the results of the other tests yet, so I don't know if I have a kidney infection or not. But, I just don't know how some women make this look so darn easy. Yesterday at the doctor's office, some lady came bouncing in wearing a short tennis skirt and gym shirt. She looked ready to pop any day. I wanted to shoot her a bird!

I will be glad when Bailey makes her grand entrance into the Whitehead household. And I'm very grateful for my sweet Sid who puts up with me until that time comes.

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Val said...

Barbie, when I did my sugar test w/Gage, I failed by only a few points. Then I had to come back and do another test, which I failed by one point. Then I had to do another test and by this time I was due in four weeks. I looked at the doctor and said, "look, I do not want to be on a restricted diet for my last four we REALLY have a problem here? I mean it's just a point or two each time!" he laughed and I did not have to be on a diet for my last four weeks, but it's a lot to go thru I know and my head pounded so bad after a half day of not eating...I went home and went to bed. But, hey, real soon, she'll be here and none of this will matter. And then in a few years, she'll be shooting her own birds and you'll something else to worry about, trust me!! Enjoy you last few weeks of pregnancy, try and get some rest...we're rootin' for ya.