Monday, October 6, 2008

Bailey has a bed!!|62702|62709

Maybe that link will work. I have no idea how to put a picture from the internet up here. And sometimes this thing won't let me insert a link. Actually, I just tried it out and you'll have to highlight the link above, copy it, and past it into the address bar and then it'll pull up the bed. Or you can go to and click on baby, then furniture, then cribs, then scroll Monteray Convertible Crib by Bedford Baby.

So anyway, after much deliberation on a bed that she will have for a long, long time we finally came to a decesion and made the purchase. I did not want a bed that appeared to be all bars all the way around it mainly because when it turned into a big bed I wanted it to have a full head board and not a head board with bars. Just a personal peference. So after searching and searching I think we fianlly agreed on a bed that will be just as pretty of a big bed as it was a baby bed. I hope so anyway.

Now if we can just come to an agreement on what we will do her room in.....

I go to the doctor tomorrow for my monthly check-up and I'm glad to be going this time as I have tons of questions. I'm starting to have some anxiety which I think is coming from the no sleep which is probably happening because I have bad bad bad restless legs and arms when I try to sleep. The bigger I get and the more she moves (I can actually see my belly move when she moves now) the more I realize she does have to come out and that's scaring the heck out of me. So I hope Dr. Purvis has some answers for these questions. Those that know me well know that I can get down to the nitty gritty asking questions.

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