Thursday, October 9, 2008

News From The Test Results

Good news and bad news! Good news first, most of my chemistry panel looked good. My iron is low so we'll do an iron suplement for that.

Bad news: My white count is around 25000 and normal is between 4000-12000. So it's elevated and the nurse didn't know what he'd want to do about that. But I'll start an antibiotic assuming it's a kidney infection.

More bad news: The glucse test should be 140 or below and mine is 153. Soooo, diet time for me. They will go over that with me at the next appt. which is October 28th.

Now for some even better news: Sid and I are headed out this afternoon for our Cursillo weekend. Keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

And the best news of the day: Chris and Leslie are having a baby boy!!!!! I wonder what Erin will say about that!

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