Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Much Better Report Today

I went back to the doctor today for a follow up from last week's drama. The doctor stated that I looked much, much better. Much calmer. I am 29 weeks and measuring 30.5 weeks. My blood pressure was normal and my heart rate was only 109, which is way way down. I only had one time over the weekend it felt like it was racing my blood pressure dropped. The doctor had given my something to help me sleep at my visit 3 weeks ago and I stopped taking it last week since it was the only thing "different" that I could figure out might be making me feel that way. I am not sleeping but we decided today I'd just have to not sleep. He doesn't want me on it if that could be the problem. He made this comment which pretty much sums it all up for me: "With you, kid, it's either hit or miss. If we miss it, it effects you totally different than it does most other women." I told him my mom and dad would agree because it's been this way my whole life. haha!

So I go back in two weeks and I can work if I feel like. I have felt like working so he said just to try about 5 hours at a time and I can increase it if I feel like it. I think I feel much better if I do work.

I have state health meetings Thursday and Friday so I will not be at the center for Halloween. This made me sad since I'd love to see all my babies dressed up. Oh well, maybe I'll get to sneak in and get a peek.

Oh and one other thing. This past weekend we went to this place here called Lovern's Arena. It's a resturant with a bull riding arena. The two are seperated by a big wall of glass and if you so choose, you can watch the bull riding while you eat. We got there early enough to eat and then go to the other side and sit. Our nephew, Mason, who is 3 1/2 is so into bull riding and all that fun stuff so Ne Ne, Kylie, Mason and Mamie came to watch the bull riding. But anyway, before we left to go, I was getting dressed and wanted to wear my boots. Needless to say my feet are so swollen that my boots would not go on so I ended up wearing Sid's. They were comfortable and looked ok. But I got a little upset because I had no shoes at all to wear in such cool weather. So what does my wonderful husband do? He bought me a new pair of shoes Sunday and they are PERFECT. He pikced them out all by himself and I love them and they are cute and they wear good. I'll have to post a picture. But he's too good to me!!

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