Sunday, October 19, 2008

Random Happenings!!

No one turned on the TV after we got home from Cursillo until Wednesday morning. When I say TV I mean the 51 inch wide screen TV that I purchased myself after the divorce. It was my "crisis" purchase. So anyway, it didn't get turned on after we got back until Wednesday morning and it was working perfectly. Wednesday at lunch it was not!! I was convinced that it was the cable box or something like that but after Sid talked to the cable company and did some looking at it, it was determined that the big screen had lost it's life. I was rather sad but I think Sid was glad to see it go. It was sort of big for the living room and was hard to watch since it was so big for the room. But at the same time, who randomly wants to buy a new TV when they thought the one they had was perfectly fine? Certainly not us, with all the things we are having to buy anyway right now. One other problem that it caused was the the TV sat on the floor, not a piece of furniture. So in looking at new TV's we knew we'd have to get a new piece of furniture too. Having the wonderful non-procastinating husband that I do, he immediatly started scouting for a new TV and a TV stand. He did a GREAT job! We ended up getting a corner stand, which was perfect for our living room, that matched our coffee table and end tables. Then we ended up with a 37 inch flat screen LCD HDTV, blah blah blah! But we love it. And it does make the room look much better. But who would have thought we'd have to fork out the money for that on a random Friday afternoon unexpectedly and spend a Friday night putting the stuff together?? Well, actually Sid said I snored while it was all being assembled. He's such a good husband.

Last night we went to Meridian with his cousin Amy and her baby Colin. He is too cute. Sid looked so natural holding him and walking around with him. But he had to cuss at the umbrella stroller when it wouldn't fold up. I found it rather humerous. We picked up Bailey's baby bed and mattress. Sid is putting it together now as I blog this. And it is beautiful. We are extremly happy. I said I wished we had a video camera so I could video these moments. His reply: He wants a lot of stuff but he got me instead. Again, my wonderful husband. He's lucky I love him so!!!

I still promise to blog about Curisllo weekend. And I promise to post pictures of all this new stuff.

Meanwhile, I have started a registry at Babies R Us and have done most of the "registering" part online. We did look at actual stuff in Jackson two weekends ago and in Meridian last night. I figured the online part would be easier. But I was wrong. It is a really slow process and a bit overwhelming. But we are getting there. I just don't know how you are ever fully prepared for this. But we are getting there.

We had to cancel the St. Jude's Trike-A-Thon on Friday due to rain, but we have rescheduled it for this upcoming Friday. However, money did get turned in and our 38 preschoolers raised over $600. I was so very proud of them (and their parents). Pictures for the center are tomorrow and start bright and early at 7 a.m. The lady says we'll be lucky to get everyone done in one day, but that doesn't make much sense to me. I'm hoping she's wrong, but we'll see......

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