Tuesday, October 7, 2008

God is Good...All the Time!!

So, I didn't post much about this because I was having mixed feelings. But as some of you know, Sid and I are due to leave Thursday afternoon headed to Cursillo. It's about a 3 to 3 1/2 hour drive. I had been dreading going for several reasons. Number one, if I don't get up and immedialty put something into my mouth, I throw up. It never fails. Second of all, with these restless legs, I am up most of the night anyway. And when I do sleep, I usually wake up all hours of the night. When I wake up like that, I'm hungry and have to eat a little something to keep the nausea at bay. So I didn't want to inconvience someone (a roommate) by being up all night and having to eat immediatly when I did wake up. Other than that, I was looking forward to going. So I called the head of Cursillo, as instructed to do on my letter, yesterday morning and explained my fears. She didn't do much to relieve them and said she'd call me back this morning but she didn't see any way I could have a private room.

I didn't hear back from her today and with the doctor wanting to do some blood work, I convinced myself that I wouldn't go. I called after lunch to tell her I wouldn't be there and she said they had a meeting and decided that I would need a private room and they still wanted me to come. Sid gets to go with me, there will be males and females on this walk. However, we have seperate rooms. Sooooo, I decided the devil wouldn't win this fight.

I'll be going sometime tomorrow for those tests and then we'll leave Thursday around 1:00 to drive to Camp Wesley Pines. We are excited and I'm just glad it all worked out. Sid is too! So keep us in your prayers as we go on this journey together.

Also, I may not be posting much since I'll be busy the next few days and then gone through Sunday. Monday is our 1 year anniversary!!! And Sid's 33rd Birthday is Wednesday. So we are looking forward to all that, too!

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