Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Doctor's Appointment Today

So today was the monthly check-up and the baby seems to be doing really well. She is moving around alot and has a great heart beat. I, however, seem to have something wrong all the time. My back has been hurting and I've had some cramping that I normally haven't had. They did a urinalysis and something in that was high so it is a probable kidney infection but we won't know until I have some further tests run. Also, I have developed those restless legs and arms which apparently means something is off balance, like iron, but we won't know that either until tests are fun. So I have a book of lab slips and have been instructed to have them completed ASAP. The problem is it's time for that dreaded glucose test where I'm suppose to fast for 8 hours and then drink this nasty stuff. So Dr. Purvis decided I could have all this done at one time. Except I could have gone today and had all other labs checked. But since he decided to have me do the fasting test at the same time, I have to plan to go back to Meridian and waste another day. We will either do that Thursday or Friday.

The good news in all of this is that I am the one with problems, not Bailey. Oh, just in case anyone wants to know, apparently tums for the calcium, OJ for the iron and a magnesium supplement should help ease the restless legs and arms until we know what else is going on. I know one thing, I NEED my sleep, which you all know, and so this not sleeping is killing me. So I'll be happy to get to the bottom of it.

Aside from the tests at the end of the week, I go back in three weeks. This is the first time I've been and haven't had an ultrasound, but it was fine. I know Bailey is doing good with all the movement and her heartbeat sounded soooo good!

Say a prayer for Chris and Leslie. They find out Thursday what their little one is. I'm secretly hoping for a boy because I know they'd like to have one of each. But Erin so wants a sister and I know they will just be happy to have a healthly baby. Also, Chris is having oral surgery on Friday, which will be no fun for him OR Leslie,who will be caring for him.

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