Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Notes From the Under "Belly"

This has not been a good week and I apologize in advance for the complaining. Monday was picture day at the center and low and behold it did take about 6 hours to get all the kids photographed. But during that time, I started to feel really really bad. So after it was over, I went home for some lunch and checked my blood pressure as I could feel my heart racing. But instead of being high, it was really low, like 95/55, but my heart beat was high. So I called the nurse and she acted like the low blood pressure was fine but I could go to the ER in Meridian (at the hospital my doc delivers at) if I felt like I couldn't breathe or my heart was acting up. But I didn't feel like anything I was feeling warrented that, so I went on back to work. Monday night, I rested with my feet up and could tell that as long I rested my blood pressure was fine. When I got up and moved around, it dropped. And I was nauseated all day long Monday, which had eased up some so it's been a while since I was nauseated like that.

On Tuesday, I got up and went to work and felt horrible. I was dizzy and could feel my heart beating all over my body. So at lunch I came home and took my blood pressure again and it was lower than it had been the previous day. So I called the nurse back and she said to come on to the ER and she'd call the doctor and let him know I was going.

It was, once again, a confusing time. I ended up having to go through the ER instead of up to labor and deliver where they normally treat pregnant women. I told the ER doc about my blood pressure, the way my heart was feeling, and that the OB had indicated that I could have had a UTI or kidney infection two weeks before. Not that I thought that had anything to do with the price of tea in china. But low and behold, here comes the nurse wanting to do a cath do get a clean urine sample.

To say that I FREAKED out is an understatement. They could have admitted me to the psyhc ward after the way I was acting. The bad part was I tried to calm down and couldn't. It just kept getting worse. I had just had an IV put in, the man with the EKG machine was there hooking me up to all his crap and then they wanted to stick a cath in. Needless to say, I did let them do what they had to do, but was not happy about it. Thankfully it wasn't as bad as I had feared.

In the end, it was a UTI, my white count was still elevated, my blood pressure wasn't a problem because it's better to have low pressure than high pressure (even though I still feel bad) and he didn't know what to tell my about my racing heart except that it was probably anxiety. I came home with instructions to take some antibiotics for the UTI and a day of best rest today to lay on my left side to get the blood flowing properly. My blood pressure is ok today, but my heart is still racing. I was told to follow up on Friday, but I called and will have to go tomorrow for the follow up with Dr. Purvis.

Poor Sid, he didn't know what to think when I started flipping out I don't think. I had warned him before we went that if there was a need for an IV, I would probably cry just because of anxiety but I'd be ok. I had no idea I'd need to warn him of a full blown panic attack. He has now seen me at my upmost worst.

The good, no-the great news, out of all this, is once agian it is only me with the problems and nothing is effecting Bailey. She probably wishes her mama would get a grip and get over it.

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