Friday, October 24, 2008

More Notes From The Belly

Well I went back to the doc yesterday and everything looked good, so the doctor thinks the day of rest helped with everything. He put me on something for the heart palpatations and told me to stay at home. As I type this, I'm at work. I just can't sit at home. So I figured I'd come and do what I could do and when or if I felt my heart racing or blood pressure dropping I could go home and relax. I go back to the doc on Tuesday so I plan to tell him that I feel fine and probably should go back to work. Again, Bailey's heartbeat was great yesterday and nothing seems to be effecting her.

We do have alot coming up and so I definatly do not want to on bedrest for all that. We have a baby shower here in Philly on the 9th. Maggie and Bo have a couples Christmas shower on the Nov. 15th and Maggie's tea is Nov. 23rd. I have a baby shower to attend in Bama on Nov. 15th. Leslie and Tiphanie and maybe more friends are trying to schedule a baby shower in Oneonta. And The Big Wedding Day is Dec. 13th. Just alot going on and I want to be able to make it to all of Maggie's stuff for sure.

Other than that, nothing new to report. The weather in Philly makes me wish I was in the mountains relaxing with my sweet hubby. But we can't and I know that. Lots to do! He's working on his shed this weekend and I guess I'll take it easy.

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