Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Baby Bailey and her Abnormal Mama

So Monday I got to work relatively early for me and everything was fine. I felt fine. All was right in my little world. We had so much going on that my wonderful husband had made three trips to Wal-Mart before lunch, all for me! So all was well. And I headed out to my weekly check-up around noon, telling everyone I'd be back by 3 or so. Wellll, little did I know, crap happens when you least expect it with this baby thing.

To start things off, my blood pressure was 142/100. They waited and checked it again, this time it read 1??/94. So it had not come down much. The nurse took me to my exam room where she instructs me to undress from the waist down. I begin to think, this is it, my b p is high and he's checking me so maybe we can get somewhere with Bailey.

Dr. Purvis measures my belly to begin with and says, "37 weeks". Now if you will recall, he told me a few weeks back that when I started measuring 37 weeks we'd talk about a new due date. So I asked him can't we do something. He says no because I'm really only 35.1 weeks and she may not be mature enough to come. So I say ok, knowing deep down in my heart that I do not want her to be born any earlier than she has to be. But then, he looks at my b p counts and re-evaluated the situation. He decided to send me over to l and d to have them monitor my bp and said we'd go from there. He said if my bp continued to stay up we'd look at our options, but I needed to just get to L and D. So off I went, alone, thinking what the heck happens now.

Well I'll tell you what the heck happens now. They put me in the big, real deal, give birth, suite! And put my name on the outside of the door. I'm thinking, this is it. This is it!!! I need to call Sid. But I never got around to it. The nurse comes back in and is telling me that Dr. Purvis has ordered alot of lab work to be done and if it comes back not normal we wouldn't even have 45 minutes before we'd have to do something about the baby. At this point, I asked for some ice water and was told that I couldn't have anything in case we went into the OR. At that point I freaked. I called Sid and told him they wouldn't even let me have water so he might need to come as quickly as possible. How he made it down there in record time with everything he remembered to bring is beyond me. But he did and that will be another post unto itself.

We ended up with good news and bad news. Good news, Bailey is fine and really and truly so am I. Bad news is, we didn't get to have her yesterday, but for very good reasons. My iron is apparently so low that if Dr. Purvis had decided to take her, I would have had to have a blood transfusion. Not good! The blood work showed no protien in my urine, which is good. It also showed that I was not toxic although I had high bp and tons of swelling. So the decision was that we needed to do everything to keep bp and swelling down so that I do not become toxic while we do everything we can to get my iron up before delivery. I'm on a bp medicine that will pull some of the water off (and it has, I've peed about 10 million times since starting it) and on those nice, dreaded iron pills. Plus, strict bed rest to keep the swelling and bp down. They said I couldn't move any more than from the bed to the couch. I could tell a difference in the swelling after keeping them up most of the day, but they still aren't totally gone down. The doctor just doesn't want me to become toxic with high blood pressure, not because he doesn't think Bailey is ready, but because I need to get my iron up before we deliver so we are trying to get some time in on that.

I go back Friday morning I think and we'll see what goes from there. But for the record, bed rest sucks. Even though I have the best husband in the whole wide world, he has already started making comments about how someone around here has to earn a living, blah, blah, blah. Like I can help it. I just hope we can get through this. It's pretty nerve racking on my part too! Just say a prayer for us.

On a side note, Sid's mom has about a million things planned for Christmas and is also planning tons of stuff that I am not suppose to eat. I've already had a breakdown on Sunday when I realized that I wouldn't see my mom and dad again until Bailey gets here, meaning I won't see them at Christmas. Now, that's no excuse not to see Sid's family too, but now that this bed rest has come about I can only do so much. Since they have planned activities 3 days in a row, Sid and I find ourselves having to decide what we will and will not do. I think we are going to his mom's for Christmas on Friday night, but will just have to wait and see on the stuff at his grandmother's on Saturday and Sunday. But bed rest is bed rest and if I could do all that, I feel like I could go to work. And since I can't go to work, I feel like I shouldn't do anything else. And like I said, Christmas with my family this year is so not gonna happen because it doesn't matter when they do it, we can't go. So say a quick prayer for me that I handle myself like I should and not flip out and have a nervous crying breakdown. I know it's mostly 90% hormonal, but still, it sucks to feel that way.

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