Friday, December 5, 2008

I'm Not Doing Much Better

On this blogging thing. And I do apologize. It's just gotten too much to lug the computer home and back every night and morning so I've been leaving it at work. Sometimes I use Sid's but not often. Maybe I should teach him to blog so his point of view and perspective can be journal ed, too! Then again, maybe not!!

It was a long week after I posted last time. But thank goodness I started feeling better. I just have a lot of swelling and sinus congestion, a little nausea and high blood pressure every now and then, but I'm determined not to have to stay off work until I it is absolutely necessary. I did get two of my workers qualified to stand in while I'm gone but I see it being a BIG problem with some of the other workers. I just hope everyone does their job. I keep saying "we aren't flipping burgers, we are taking care of people's children. What could be more important?" But apparently not everyone see's it that way. So we'll see.

Sid took me to look at Christmas lights tonight and we had fun. Went through two road blocks (well it was the same road block both times) during the process. We've got a big weekend and next week ahead of us, so let's all hope we make it through. Tomorrow we will be going to some of his extended family for Christmas and then I want to go to the Baptist Church tomorrow night to hear their Christmas music. Sunday Sid wants to go to a Christmas play that the art theater is doing downtown and Sunday night there is a program at our church. Tuesday night is the preschool program. Thursday night is Sid's work Christmas party and Friday we leave to come to Alabama for Maggie and Bo's wedding. So it will indeed be a long week.

Bailey has dropped down I think because my ribs feel a bit better. I go to the doctor on Monday and we'll see what he has to say. Hopefully all will be well so I can make it at least another week. After that, it's fair game. I am so uncomfortable, I am starting to feel disabled. Oh, and the hormones have surely kicked in high gear. Thank God I have a great husband. He is so understanding when I just break down for nothing. That makes me feel much better in and of itself!!!

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