Monday, December 8, 2008

Pictures That I've Promised, Some of Them Anyway

I'm not too sure what order these pictures uploaded in. So I'm just going to describe what I think should be here and we'll go from there. I have posted a picture of my Christmas tree. Sid and I always get a real one and even though we weren't sure what would be going down this Christmas, we still had to have one. So he took me to pick one out Thanksgiving morning, and here it is. Quite possibly the most perfect real tree I've ever had. And if you'll notice in one of the pictures, we only have one present under the tree. That present got put there today and on the tag it says To:Mama From: Bailey. Does my husband know how to send an eight month pregnant woman into emotional over drive or what??? How sweet is that??? I do have the best husband a girl could ask for. But I ask you again, what in the world can I surprise him with from Bailey, because I have absolutely no idea what she (he) got me.

One day while I was having one those glucose tests and we had time to kill at the hospital, we walked up to labor and delivery and saw the new babies and such as that. We noticed that the new babies all had these big hand painted signs announcing their arrival. I didn't necessarily want one with the birth statistics on it, but one with her name, hand painted, would be cool we thought. And Sid just happened to notice that one of the signs was painted by a guy from Philly that he actually had some connections to. So we got the guy a picture of Bailey's bedding, which is cherry blossoms, and wha-la!!! You should be able to see a picture of the end result here. We are oh so proud of it. The good news and best part is that it would have cost us about $100 to have the guy do it, but through Sid's connections it ended up being a way cool baby gift. So that picture will go over her bed. And we are very proud of it.

Some of these pictures are from the shower at Leslie's house. The cake was so cute. As you can see, it was a onesie thing with Bailey's name on it. I have pictures to post from some of the other showers too, but I they haven't been sent to me yet.

Oh, and good grief. Take a look at her closet. The diva has more clothes in her closet than her I do. And I might add that they are washed in dreft, dried on low, had a low heat iron to knock the wrinkles out and been hung in the closet just ready for her get here.

I do have other pictures, as my three favorite things have not been posted yet. But I'm getting there. I hope you enjoy these for a while!!!

Oh and any ideas on what Bailey can get her daddy, please pass them on.......




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