Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Sorry For The Delay

In updating. It was a long and emotional day yesterday for Sid and I both so when we got home we crashed. We are about to head to the hospital, but just talked with the doctor. He tells me everytime I talk to him how pretty my baby is and how good she is doing. She is making progress by leaps and bounds. Until today they were waking her every 3 hours to feed. Today they will let her wake herself to see how she does. She lost 3 ounces but that is expected because she didn't have any fluids yesterday. She maintained her own body temperature for 24 hours now so basically we will work on feeding. Dr. Boyd said if she continues to make this kind of progress she'll be home by the weekend. Please keep that goal in your prayers.

We are so thankful for Bailey and that she is a fighter. For those of you who know me and Sid well, you know you don't tell either one of us we CAN'T do something. Apparently she got that trait too!!!


debbie nolen said...

Hey barbie this is debbie nolen I t was so strange how much i thought about you when i was about to decorate my tree and found a cross ornament that u gave me. I caled Rose the other day and told her. She gave me a huge update about the pregnancy and birth she told me abput this blog Dnolen08@otelco.net contact me

Shanna said...

Hey Barbie,
So glad to hear little Bailey is holding her own now. Knowing Sid a little longer than I have known you, if she has 1/4 of the fight in her that he has she will beat everyone's expectations by unbelievable margins! (LOL) We are rejoicing with you guys that by the weekend you will be a family under one roof at your home here in Philly! Call if you need something, you know where to find us! Oh, and yes you most certainly do have a BEAUTIFUL BABY, from every angle in every photo I have seen of her. Congrats! Love you Guys!