Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Time's A'coming!

Bed rest has been good to me I suppose, at a crappy time of the year. I went to work Thursday for just a bit to tie up some loose ends and then to the daycare staff Christmas party Tuesday night. I stayed at home Wednesday and Thursday, leaving only to go to the daycare committee meeting Thursday night. Friday I was staying at home all day because we had plans for Sid's family Christmas on Friday night but ended up having to go to daycare unexpectedly and fire two people. I'll save those details for later. This is Christmas after all!

We went to Sid's mom and dad's Friday and had some yum, yum, yummy food. Sid cooked a beef tenderloin and we had hashbrown casserole, mac and cheese, green beans, pinto beans, rolls, I can't even think of what else we had. It was nice to have those foods because that is what my Mom would cook so it's comfort foods for me. And as always NeNe and Sid out did themselves. We exchanged gifts and little Mason was just hilarious when he opened his Justin Ostrich boots from NeNe and Jerry. I laughed until I hurt at him. Bailey got more presents than me and Sid did! haha! She got the cutest little outfit from Ben and Kylie and Sid even cried. NeNe had her a pretty white blanket made and she got a toy for her bed that NeNe so wanted her to have. Of course, we weren't left out by any means. Let's just say that I won't be hurting for Books A Million money in the near future, which really excites me!! Thanks NeNe and Jerry.

Saturday was a rough start as I started throwing up when getting ready to go to Sid's grandmother's for Christmas with the rest of the family. But Sid was patient and we made it out there. It was alot of fun and the food, again, was yummy. I've spent all weekend eating exactly what I was told not to eat. What can be the harm at this point? I didn't use any extra salt, though and nothing but water for me to drink so I'm getting in 60+ ounces a day. I got home from his grandmother's and was asleep at 3:30. Sid went hunting and I did not wake up til about 7 when he called me about supper. I was back asleep by 11 and slept til 10 this morning. I read somewhere that some women sleep instead of nest. So maybe that's what is up with all this sleeping.

I say Christmas Times A'Coming because we have now done all we are going to do with family that we are aware of for Christmas. But it's not even here yet. I get so upset thinking that I will not see my family this Christmas. The selfish part of me wants them to come over here but I know there is no way they can. I mean, Maggie and Bo also have to see his family. Chris and Leslie always go to her family's Christmas Day. And Mom and Dad have to be at home to do Christmas with all them. At our house, Christmas tradition is Christmas morning. Maybe I should make the ride over there and surprise them. What's the worst that could happen? Labor? But whatever happens, Christmas is coming and the only present still under our tree is a present that says to Mama from Bailey. That gets me everytime. Not only does Sid not have anyting from Bailey, he doesn't have anything from me either. Now, we did get a new TV that was suppose to be our Christmas and then we got a new video recorder, that was again supposed to be our Christmas. But I keep ending up with gifts. So it looks like tomorrow and Tuesday I've got to play Santa for my sweet Sid. He deserves the best after what he's put with this year out of me.

Speaking of family, me sweet Pap-Paw who is 80+ years old, is sick with a head cold. He even missed church this morning so I'm told. That's a sign to me that he is really under the weather. Again, I hate it I'm missing Christmas with my family. But don't you all fear, just as soon as the doctor says I can drive after giving birth, Bailey and I will be Bama bound, with her daddy in tow I'm sure. This will be the only year we miss Christmas Eve with the rest of the Self family, I can assure you of that.

Sid and I decided we'd go to Candle Light Christmas Eve service here and stay at home Christmas day together and just rest. It really could be any time now. I just wish I had a baby Bailey to snuggle with on Christmas Day!!!

I'll update if things change with my status or her's, but I don't see her wanting to come anytime soon on her own. So for the meantime, I'll be at home, keeping down the swelling and the blood pressure and keeping up the iron, hopefully!

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