Sunday, December 7, 2008

Doctor's Appt Tomorrow

And I've walked enough this weekend that maybe it did some good. Welllll, I take that back. Actually, at this point we need to make it one more week at least. THE BIG WEDDING DAY IS COMING SOON!!! December 13th. I've cried so much this past week that I'm giving everybody who reads this that will be at the wedding fair warning, I will be a big bucket of tears next weekend. I can not believe that my baby sister is getting married. I repeat the poem I wrote about her when I was in the 5th grade (with my Dad's help:

My Mom's gonna have a new baby
That will probably drive me crazy.
But I can't wait
Til that memorable date,
When one way or another,
I'll have a new sister or brother!!!

I just can't believe she finished up at Alabama last week and is at home putting last minutes touches on her wedding. How exciting and sad at the same time. I just can't wait. I wish Bailey Ellen was here since she does have part of Maggie's name. But oh well!! It just wasn't meant to be. Sid's wearing a pink tie in honor of Bailey though and Mom and Maggie talked me out of wearing the dress I was going to wear and into wearing pants (thank goodness) so I don't have to look like a Christmas tree skirt. (Really, I would have!)

Anyway, this post got kind of random. I'm going to post later in the week about Maggie and Bo. And I'll update about whatever the doctor says tomorrow. But I bet you anything it goes like this, "Are you feeling ok? Yes, but I'm miserable. Ok, let's see what you are measuring. Yep, 35 weeks. Oh, listen, there's the baby's heartbeat. Good and strong. You do know what you are having right? (He asks me this every time and I have yet to figure out why, like he thinks I'm gonna forget.) Ok, well, you are already off work, right? No, you told me I could go back to work over a month ago and I've been working ever since. Oh, well you need to think about when you will stay off. Ok, I will but I dont' want to until I have to. Ok. Well, I'm sorry your whole body is swollen, you have restless legs, your arms and hands are going numb, your sinues are congested, your eyes are producing some random goo, your back is hurting, actually everything below your belly button is hurting, you are crying all the time, you're still throwing up at least half the week, blah blah blah. Let me know when you get REALLY miserable and we'll talk. Around 37 weeks we'll really, really talk. But for now, we'll see you in a week, kid!!!" I will sit there for 2 hours waiting on that same ole conversation that has taken place every week now for about two months. Hopefully soon we'll hear something different like, "Looks like you're in labor, kid!"

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