Friday, January 22, 2010

Home Again Home Again

We made it back home about 1:00 or so.  If we can just get insurance to approve the ear drops we need not once, not twice, BUT FIVE TIMES A DAY, we will be in good business. 

Tubes are great!  No problem there!

Her airway was a little inflammed which indicated that she did have something viral going on earlier in the week and not just an asthma flare up.  Her airway still has a 1/3 restriction, but that is not bad.  The passage has gotten just a little smaller than it was initially but it is done getting smaller and she will either always have the 1/3 restriction or that opening will grow with her and only get bigger, never smaller.  So never again, does he anticipate having to perferm surgery to open her airway again!  Praise the good Lord above!

However, there is something in her airway that looks like a  little lump to me on the picture, but he said it could be a number of things, nothing serious though.  It only becomes serious if it continues to grow and blocks her airway.  Dr. Carron wants to re-look at it in 3-6 months if she continues to have a cough and such.  Otherwise, we go back for a follow-up from all this in about 3 weeks and we anticpate nothing but goodness.

She was sooooo funny after she woke up though.   She was in true Bailey form, mad at the IV, throwing that head back and arching her back, but loose as a noodle.  She slept most of the way home and is sleeping now in her bed, well....our bed! 

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