Monday, January 25, 2010

Have Fridge, Will Travel

So last week when Bailey got her tubes put in we spent the night in Jackson the night before because we had to be there so early and she couldn't eat.  It actually worked out pretty good because she slept right up until we walked out the door and we could come back later for our stuff because check out wasn't until noon.

Anyway, Mom camed prepared for a hurricane or snow storm or anything that might keep us locked up on the 4th floor of the Cabot Lodge for day on end.

See that pink retro looking box sitting behind Mom underneath the lamp on the side table.  That's actually a portable fridge that will work in your car or in a regular outlet.  Mom gave us one for one of showers and while Bailey was in teh NICU it was a life saver.  I could pump in our room and put it in our fridge and then take it home at night to put in the freezer.  It plugs in the car outlet too, so it stayed cold for the drive.  We also could take a few drinks with us.  It also has a heat setting, but we've personally only used that feature once.  But in case you wanted to keep something warm instead of cold, it does that too!  Well, Mom whips up in her room and starts unloading like she was staying for a week or something.  Sort of scared me.  But after she and Bailey had finished whatever was in that Wendy's cup, I was afraid to ask, they broke into the fridge.  I had no idea so much stuff would fit in there.  She had a tupperware thing of sliced fresh fruit, cheese and yogurt.  No telling what else she had stored up!  Mom and Dad are world traverls, so I'm sure she has other tricks. 

Here she is giving Bailey a piece of some sort of cheese.  I got confused because I think she called it Pepper Jack and Sid made a comment about the peppers but then Mom said it was one of the mildest kinds of cheese.  So I really don't know what kind it was.

I LOVE this picture!  She looks like "so what else we got in here Mimi"!

Oh, she did unpack this antique at some point.  She that colored part of the picture in the lower left hand side?  Yep, that's a glow worm.  Not just any glow worm.  My glow worm from when I was little.  Bailey loves that thing.  I finally had to turn the music off once we left the hotel because she kept making it sing over and over and over and over and over again.  But Bailey loves that thing.  Even one of the nurses commented on how old it must be.  I didn't take offense to that, but maybe I should have. haha!

Here's mom talking to the maintence guy.  We were in the room right next to her and when I got up about 5:30 on Friday morning, I could here her water running in her bathroom through the wall.  Hotel living, it's grand ain't it!!  (Of course, it could just be me because some say I have sonic hearing, others say I could hear a nat do not so nice things.)  Anyway, before we got ready to walk out the door, the sound caught my hearing again.  I told Sid to call her room and she if she was ready and secretly feared for her and her fridge.  She wasn't ready, but she wasn't still in the shower either.  She couldn't get the hot water to come on in her shower and she couldn't get the cold water to turn off.  She had to go downstairs at 5 in the morning to the desk and get a key to another room for a shower.  She could have come to our room, but didn't want to wake Bay.  When we got back from the hospital I went up to our room to use the restroom while Sid and Mom kept Bay downstairs and had breakfast.  And I could still hear the water running.  They had left it running that entire time.  So that's how we got to meet the fix-it guy!

I took this picture out of our hotel room window of Children's Hospital.  I didn't get pictures of it last time we were there.  Actually, I didn't care about pictures of it last time we were there.  And since I don't ever really get the opportunity to use the big lens much, I used it to see what the difference was.

Same exact picture, just taken with a lens that focuses more close up.  I believe you could have seen Dr. Carron looking out the window waving at us.  If, you know, he was at the hospital standing at the window, actually waving at us.  Pretty neat I thought.

And here's our princess about an hour after the procedures ready to eat some dry cheerios!  And eat them she did, she ate them all day long!

On a side note, if anyone is interested in one of those fridges let me know and I'll get you the information.  She bought them at a local botique in my hometown, but I'm sure with the right info one could google it and find it.  We also use it when we are traveling and will especially use it even more now that most of what Bailey drinks is cold stuff!

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