Tuesday, June 17, 2008

As My Mama Told Me

A girl's got to do what a girl's got to do. And so that's what I did. It's been about a year since I had a pedicure and the feet and toes were looking rough. So yesterday afternoon Sid and I went to get a pedicure. YES, Sid went with me. He went one time before and he loves them. He thinks he needs one of those chairs and a chinese lady at home he says. But anyway, it was about a million degrees in the shop when we went it and so that made the smell even worse. But the little chinese lady must have heard me complaining because she turned the air down. I think it had cooled down to about 75 degrees by the time we finished. So needless to say, after all that was over, I was sick as a dog. And it was so hot here yesterday. So I think all that put together caused me to be so sick. It can be counted as one of the three times I've actually thrown up. But it didn't start until about 10:30 last night, which was strange.

My hair hasn't been high lighted since before I found out I was pregnant. The few times it was done before then I actually did it myself. So needless to say I was looking a little ragged in the hair department too. So today I braved the beauty shop. The good thing I go to a lady's house and not an actual shop, there was no smell in there from previous do's. But the bad news is it's a little brassy. I thought maybe it was just me. Oh, but no, Sid noticed it too. He really helped the situation by saying it looked better BEFORE I went. But I don't agree, it may be brassy, but at least there's no root rot!!!!


nene said...

If it had been a year, I bet those toes were saying Thank You. but I do think the little Chinese lady should have just used a fan, like they do on TV.....We need a picture of this "next year...ha ha

Nicole said...

my hair was totally YUCK, for 8 months, know make that 12, it took awhile for everything to get back to normal. No take that back nothing is never normal after childbirth. Miss you. Let me know when your in BAMA. I am planning on turning in my two week notice Monday and will have the rest of the summer to be mom until student teaching in the fall. I have applied for teaching postions but nothing as of yet.

Mom's last radiation treatment is tomorrow (thursday) and dad has a CAT SCAN next Wed. and then I will have them back home.

Talk Soon,