Sunday, June 22, 2008

Just A Weekend

Not much to report this weekend from Philly! We went to Sid's mom and dad's and ate supper Friday night. I was so tired by the time we got home I couldn't hold my head up. But when I got in the bed, those restless legs kicked in. It's been a few weeks since I've had some restless, can't sleep nights, but this weekend they hit again. I was actually more comfortable sitting and sleeping on the couch last night. Go figure!!

Saturday we went to Meridian. The Olive Garden opened up there a few weeks back and we hadn't eatten there yet, so we tried it out yesterday afternoon. It was really good to me but Sid made the waiter think we were the strangest people in the town by ordering french fries with his chicken marsala. haha! Books A Millon was having a buy 2 get 1 free sale yesterday and I bought TONS of new books for the daycare. I can't wait to get to work tomorrow and deal them out to the teachers. They will be so excited as well.

We are starting a new after-school program at the daycare when school starts back and so the board wanted that announced in church this morning since we will start registration on July 1st. I had the church secretary fax the announcement to the guy who does announcements in church and he was going to do it for me. But when I got to church, he and the head of the board were huddled up together and saw me come in. They thought today would be a fine time to introduce me to the church and have me make the announcement. You know, I'm a pretty confident person MOST of the time, but something about standing up in front of a church that size with a TV camera on me sent me back to the shy Barbie who says "umm" for every other word. But I'm glad I didn't know that was going to happen ahead of time because I would have been extra nervous. Anywho, so I have been offically introduced at church. We'll see how the after-school program will go since we only have 20 spots open. There is a big demand for after-school care here because there aren't many daycares who offer it in Philly.

Friday afternoon, I got a call from a parent of a child who had a suspected ear infection all week. The test results came back and it ended up being the staff infection strain of MRSA. NOT GOOD!!!! I had to post signs in the daycare and then send letters home to everyone who had been exposed. We had to bleach the room she was in and all the furniture and equipment. I also had to call all the parents of the children who were absent Friday or already gone home since it was a Friday afternoon and they wouldn't be back to daycare for two days. It was hectic to handle at 3:30 on a Friday afternoon. But it all worked out. All the parents understood, which is good because it could have been anybody's child. It just so happened to be the daughter of a good friend of mine. Things like this just happen when you care for many children so young in one place. I got to figure out how to get the rug cleaned, but other than that, it got handled. I also learned on Friday that people don't heistate to call when they think something is going on. I had to have the fire department come do my fire saftey inspection and they came in two fire trucks and parked in the front of the church. I bet between me and the church secretary we told 10 different people that no, nothing was wrong, just doing an inspection. But I did realize that people watch what's going on even when you don't suspect it. I guess that's what happens when you are caring for alot of other people's children.

I've felt ok this weekend, I was a little sick last night when we went to bed and had to come sleep on the couch. At about 3:00 a.m. Sid proceeds to get up and ask if I'm sleeping on the couch. That should have been obvious and I told him I didn't see the point in waking me up to ask that question. Soooo, I was up for about an hour in the middle of the night. I've been tired today but unable to nap. Sid's gone to the hospital to see a guy he knows that's sick. So I'm just getting some good quite time in.

I fixed my own hair and it looks MUCH, MUCH better!! I think what happened is that my hair is pulling up very fast right now with the horomone things going and she left it on entirely too long so it pulled up too much. But it's way better now, it actually looks better now than it's looked in a while. So that makes me happy!

I hope everyone has had a great great weekend. I talked to Erin last week and she told me she needed me to come home from Mississippi and see all her new stuff. She is too funny, but if the week goes as planned I'll being going home this weekend to see her! I'll see everybody then!

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