Wednesday, June 11, 2008

So This Is Really Gross

And I can't believe I'm really blogging about it. But one of the classrooms at the daycare doesn't have a bathroom in it. Now, we have bathrooms in the other classrooms, and there is a boy's bathroom and a girl's bathroom in the hallway right outside this one classroom. So it really doesn't strike me as a big deal that there isn't a bathroom directly in this teacher's classroom. But apparently it was before I got there because this teacher uses one of those training potties that sits in the floor. You know, the kind where the little toddler can sit on it and it's the right size, but when they t.t. or poop, you dump it in the big potty and clean out the little potty and it's ready to go for next time. Wellllll, this teacher has apparently been letting the children in her room use this little potty. I knew it was there but really didn't think much about it, until this afternoon. The morning teacher had left for the day and the afternoon teacher made the comment, "gross, she needs to clean this out before she leaves." And I look up and here she comes out of the classroom with plastic potty full of junk and it stunk to high heaven. I then made the comment that we were going to have to discuss not using that little potty unless she was going to clean it out every time someone used it becasue I didn't think it was very sanitary or private and I wouldn't want my own kid using it.

Yeah, not long after I left and got home, I lost my chinese that I had for lunch earlier in my own potty. So yeah, we will be discussing this tomorrow. No more little potty!!!!!! Especially when the pregnant lady is around!!!!!


J. Sid said...

just another exucess for you to have to use to say i'm sick

The 'Ssippi Scoup said...

I don't think I need anymore excuses than being pregnant Sid, but thanks! That's real supportive!