Monday, June 9, 2008

I Finally

Got to address the school board tonight. I asked the superintendent to place me on the board agenda about two months ago and he told me I couldn't do that unless I followed the grievance policy. Which meant I had to file a formal grievance and go through the whole darn thing just to get to see the board. But I feel that my efforts were fruitful because the members did have questions about some of the duties I was asked to do as a teacher. And some of the members also had questions for the school board lawyer and superintendent as to why I would have to file a formal grievance just to get to talk to the board. The two assistant principals showed up but the principal did not. That was probably for the best. I did get to have my say and I feel much, much better. As least I set some thinking wheels in motion if anything. Oh, and I asked for the observation, that took place on May 15th, four days before school got out, to be removed from my file. The assistant principal who completed the observation admitted that she only did it because the principal asked her to and that no other teacher was observed that late in the year. There was no resolution, the board has seven days to get back in touch with me regarding a decision. I'll post more about that after the decision is rendered. I don't know who all reads this blog and I don't want to give anything away, other than facts, until it's over.

But I'm glad I'm done and the process is over. A great big thanks to Sid and NeNe for going with me and supporting me through my long winded spill to the board. They sat right beside me the whole time and they were both just as nice as they could be. I was especially proud of Sid. Haha!

I'm tired and I'm going to bed.

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