Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Is It Possible

That one could lost their mind while pregnant. You just will not believe the day that I had. It is quite comical, but very disheartening at the same time.

First all, this morning I just about choked to death on my prenatal vitamin that is as big as my pinky finger. Well your pinky finger isn't that big you might say, ahh, but it is when one tries to swallow it. So anyway, after I got that over with, I gathered myself and and went to work for the second day of my new job. I got out of my car, got my purse and my bag out of the back seat, walked around to the other side and got my computer, locked my door and turned to walk to the door. But in the way of the car and the door was a curb that I know has been there since the church was built. I'm sure it was the way I stepped up and hit it with my flip flop, but I fell. Fell down. Just SMACK, fell down, with my brand new lap top and a growing baby in tow. And I couldn't even gather myself because my elbow and knee and lower leg was bleeding terribly. So I had to go in and tell what I had done in order to get it cleaned up. I recovered from that and carried on about my day, doing what daycare directors do. And all was well.

About 2:00 I decided to go get some late lunch because I had a meeting at 3:00 that I knew would last a while. I went to Burger King wanting an Icee and some fries. But, low and behold, the Icee machine is broken. Fine, just give me a coke and an order of fries. Now, when I got to the window I remember hearing the lady tell me my total, handing her a $20, getting my drink and my change. And then I sat there and waited and waited. Finally the drive through lady looks at me and says, "Mam, Mam". I said, "I didn't say anything." She turned back around and I continue to sit and wait and wait. Again she says, "Mam". I again say, "I didn't say anything." And this time she says, "Mam, Didn't I give you your food." "No mam I don't think so." BUT, when I looked over in the passenger seat, there sat my Burger King bag with what???? OH, my french fries. So I have to look back at this lady and tell her that oh yes mam, you did give me my food and I'm so sorry. So, yeah, now I'm the laughing stock of Burger King.

I call Sid to tell him that I'm the laughing stock and while I'm on the phone with him, a BIRD, yes a BIRD, hits my windshield and bounces off my truck into the road behind me. When I looked in the rear view mirror, it was just flopping around. A BIRD!!!! I've never hit a bird. Of course then again I've never fallen like that before and I surely don't think I sat at the drive through before and waiting on the server to hand me food I already had. So why wouldn't a bird fly into my car today?

The bird didn't hurt my car and I think I'm ok. I didn't call the doctor because I didn't fall on my front, I fell on my left side. I am really bruised up and my neck is sort of hurting. I have a bad headache and my leg is throbbing and swollen, but I really wouldn't even be thinking twice about it if I wasn't pregnant. I might go to the doctor tomorrow if I think I might have injured something, but as far as the baby goes I'm ok I think.

I called my mom to ask her if I should call the doctor. Here's the story she proceeds to tell me that nobody wanted to tell me before so I wouldn't worry. My dad has complained of "not being able to see" for some time now. He has been using eye drops like crazy for a few months now, and even some prescription drops and he has said that helped the "blurriness". The doctor told him that his eyes don't produce tears so they stay dry and that effects his vision. The eye doctor has told me the same thing before when he complained of blurriness so I just assumed it was "normal" for us. But apparently for a few weeks now he's really been saying he can't see. Mom said when he'd call the doctor that was all he would say, I can't see. And they made him an appointment for some time later this summer. So on Saturday night, they were coming home from a wedding and dad was driving. I don't know the short of that story but apparently dad couldn't see to the point where it was apparent he shouldn't be driving. So mom MADE him go the eye doctor yesterday. When they got there, he tells the doctor that he has a blind spot in one eye. Mom said she came unglued, which we can all imagine (at the doc's office no less). She says there is a difference in not being able to see and being blind. She says of course they weren't making him an immediate appointment when all he was saying was I can't see because why else would you need to go to the eye doctor. Anyway, after the exam yesterday, it was determined that he had a detached retina. WHAT IS THAT??? Obviously something that isn't very good because today, this afternoon, he had surgery to fix it. The reports I've gotten so far say he made it through ok and is home. Dad, I'm mad at you. You could have let it go to the point it couldn't be fixed. Please take care of yourself. I want you to be able to actually SEE your second grand baby when it gets here. So lets don't let that happen again and I hope your recovery is a speedy one because we all know you have to get back to work. Say a prayer for my sweet daddy.

So that's the short of this long day. Not to mention I stayed at work at til 5:30 and then had a Pilot Club meeting (which I'll post more on later) and was inducted as a new member and the secretary for the fiscal 08/09 year. Complete with pictures taken to go in the local paper. GREAT!!!

Say a prayer for me that I can keep my balance and my mind. All in all I still LOVE LOVE LOVE the new job.

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Tiphanie said...

Just so you know, you DO lose your mind when you're pregnant, and, sorry to say, it doesn't get better when the baby arrives. Friends were over here, and we were discussing a common acquaintance's MySpace pics. One said, "You're not supposed to put indecent pictures on there." I said, "Yeah, but someone has to......" The other friend responded, "report you?" To which I replied, "I can't believe I couldn't think of that word!"