Monday, June 30, 2008

Not Too Bad

For a Monday I don't guess. I got A TON of much needed paperwork done today. I even worked almost 10 hours today and felt pretty good the whole time. Sid was sick this morning and complaining of a bad head ache, so I'm almost positive I had a virus and passed it on to him. Either that, or he's got morning sickness now. He He!!

Well, the furniture came today. And it looks pretty darn good. I'm relaxing in my new glider/recliner. Now I just need my sweet baby to rock!!!

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nene said...

The furniture looks soooo good... am so proud or you and Sid...And those who haven't seen your new home and furniture, well they just need to come and see for themselves.. it is beautiful.. and when our little one gets here it will be evem more beautiful..