Wednesday, June 25, 2008

We're Still Here

Just nothing new and exciting to report this week. Work, work, work-that's about it!!! This week has really gone by fast. And this makes us excited as we will be going to the beach on July 1st with Aunt Maggie and Unca Bo. I'm still planning on going home this weekend to see my baby girl, she should have gotten back from the beach today.

It seems that the morning sickness has kicked in, as I'm actually throwing up in the morning time before work now. Which is good because then I don't have to worry about feeling bad anymore during the day.

Oh, one piece of news you might be interested in. DON'T SHOP AT ASHLEY FURNITURE!!!! Sid and I bought furniture on April 26, 2008, with a delivery date of 2-4 weeks. Have we gotten the furniture yet??? That'd be a big N-O!!!! Don't think they haven't gotten several ear fulls, from me-the Barbie that loves to give someone a due earful. And Sid-the Mississippi boy who thinks the whole world operates on Philadelphia, Mississippi time. He even got a friend of his who is a lawyer to call them and I've called the corporate headquarters in Wisconsin. We'll be going through customer relations tomorrow. The funny thing is that for 3 weeks now we've been waiting on the head board and foot board that were supposedly still in production. But last night, we were told everything was in but the sofa. That's when Sid and I both lost it. As it stands right now, we should have our furniture by the 1st before we leave for the beach. If not, they are giving us back our money and we'll go shop elsewhere. I'll keep you posted.

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