Sunday, June 1, 2008


Tomorrow is the big day, the day I step out into the world of the unknown. The day I start my new job, a job I really have no idea how to do. I mean, it doesn't appear to be brain surgery, but I can see it now, someone calls in at 7:00 a.m. sick, there are no subs, I'm stuck in a room with babies or preschoolers while trying to figure out how to run the place. Let's hope no one does call in sick tomorrow, surely they know how important it is to be there. I mean, tomorrow is grocery day and everything. haha! Above all the anxiety I really am excited about this job. It can't prove to be anything but positive, or at least more positive than the last job was. And I am very thankful that God has provided me with a new job and a new opportunity. The way the last two or three months at school played out, I don't think I could have gone back there even if I didn't have another job offer. I couldn't have done that job and been pregnant with all the lifting and the stress. I didn't get to transfer my sick days to Mississippi so I don't have enough time saved up to take a maternity leave in a school system over here. The church will allow me to take one. When I do go back to work I get to take the baby back with me instead of just to "daycare". So I'm excited about that. Oh, and I save alot of money in daycare fees this way, too. It just could not have worked out any better.

I did get some sleep last night and have felt better today than I have all week. I hope I feel this good tomorrow. I didn't leave the house all day long yesterday and only left today for church. Otherwise, I've been planted on the couch. Sid rented us five movies last night when he went to get supper. Most of them were pretty good and we've got one more to watch. Maybe tomorrow night because I hope I'll be going to bed soon since I have a big day ahead of me tomorrow. Wish me luck!!!!!

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