Wednesday, June 4, 2008


For all the emails and messages about my fall! I think I will call the doctor tomorrow, not because I think something might be wrong, but because my rib cage is hurting. Which would be something wrong, but not as wrong as it could be. I apparently took a harder fall than I thought I did, as there are now bruises on the other side of my body and I bit the inside of my jaws in several places. I just still can't believe I did that!

For an update on my dad, he is doing as well as can be excepted. He has to lay face down for 7 to 10 days, can't hold his head upright, so that the gases and glues they used in re-attaching his retina won't detach again. His vision is still blurry due to the re-attachment process but should get better each day. I guess I'm not mad at him anymore.

Today is my baby sister's 22 birthday. I can't believe she is 22 years old. I remember when my mom was pregnant with her, I was in the 5th grade and I had to write a poem for one of my teachers. Dad helped me write the poem and I still remember it today. It goes like this:

My mom is going to have a new baby
That will probably drive me crazy.
But I can't wait 'til that memorable date
When one way or another
I'll have a new sister or brother!

A sister it was! Dad and I were talking the other day and talking about finding out what this baby is. He reminded me that knowing what we were wasn't option and I really couldn't believe that, but looking back on the poem, I don't guess I knew that she was going to be a sister until she got here. She was the best thing a 10 year old girl could have, a real live baby doll and I loved every minute of it. I still love every minute of her even though she all grown up now!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY ANGEL FLAKE!!!!

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Tiphanie said...

Are you going to find out? I wanted to wait until he was born to find out, but I couldn't do it. I wanted to call him by name instead of just "it" or "the baby." I think I would like to wait the next time we go through it, but I probably won't be able to hold out then either.