Thursday, June 19, 2008

To Doctor, To Doctor, To See My Sweet Baby

Well, I went to the new OB this morning....but I didn't see him! This is all so confusing to me. I just saw the nurse, not the "midwife", just the nurse, and we filled out all the paperwork and she asked me a bunch of questions. Then they sent me over to the hospital for the pregnancy panel work-up. Man, I thought she'd never stop getting blood from me. Those tubes were so big I could hear my blood pouring in them, which I usually can't hear anything. I don't actually know if it was that much because I don't watch, but she did get about 6 vials. Then I got to have another ultra sound since I fell. It sounded like a good enough reason for me and I was glad to agree with it. The baby's heart beat is around 175 beats per minutes, which they said is normal. I could actually see the head and the eyes and stuff. But the printer was broken so I didn't get pictures. I guess you still can't actually hear the beat but it was good to see that little thing beating so fast and find out everything's good. We go back in three weeks and from what I understand, I'll see the doctor then. Oh, and according to her measurements today the due date should be January 21, 2009. My dad told me that since Maggie changed her wedding date this baby better come on January 13th! haha!

I called the girl about my hair this afternoon. But she can't get to it until Tuesday morning. So I'm going to be walking around with everybody saying "oh, you got your hair done!"

The nausea is back with full force. I wish it wasn't. Maybe it won't last too much longer. It's getting old. But my mama says this is just the way it is. She's usually right!!!

And I went to the gift shop since I was at the hospital, it happens to be the nicest gift shop I've ever seen, and I got me a book called the maternity record book. My mom will like it because it's very trendy. But I figured it'd be a good journaling tool.

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