Saturday, June 28, 2008


I didn't get to come home this weekend for several different reasons, but the top one being I just plain out didn't feel like it. Also, Erin went BACK to the beach, she's gonna be a true beach baby before the summer gets over with if she keeps going down there.

So, I haven't done a thing all weekend except eat, rest, watch movies, and sleep. My taste buds are out of whack and I'm not wanting normal things. Sid says I'll be eating mayo sandwiches before it's all over. For those of you who don't know, I think mayo is quite possibly the most disgusting thing a person could eat-and he eats it on EVERYTHING, which grosses me out.

My head has hurt constantly the past 3 days and I don't know if that has anything to do with the throw up or not, but it isn't very fun.

I'll be 11 weeks this weekend and I just keep telling myself that there are better days ahead. I hope that's true because I sure would like to enjoy being pregnant since this is probably the only time I'll ever be pregnant. But a little sweet side note: Sid and I were watching movies this weekend and watched the last one just a little bit ago. It wasn't a very "upstanding" movie, had lots of cussing in it. But it was called "Knocked Up" and yes it was about exactly what it sounds like. A girl gets pregnant on a one night stand and it's a comedy, but about their way through everything since they really don't know each other. In the movie, the guy tells the girl that she'll have to tell him what to do. So Sid asks me if I know what to do and I say "you mean with a baby?" You give it a bath, and feed it, and change it's diaper and keep it happy. And Sid said "and spoil it rotten". Well that too, but he's informed that is his job. Guess that means I get stuck with the baths and feeding. haha! But I thought that was sweet!!!! At least he's thinking about it!!!

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