Wednesday, July 22, 2009

There Once Was A Tunnel

There once was this tunnel and it took 7 whole months to get to the end of it. During those 7 months, there were countless nights of every 3 hour feedings, there were countless restless nights, countless times a paci was shoved into a rooting mouth in hopes that eyes wouldn't pop open, countless nights sitting up in bed rocking a baby with my eyes closed and half asleep, countless nights of sleeping in the bed with a baby on my chest, countless nights of rocking in the chair all night long with a half asleep baby, countless mornings of waking up with my right eye swollen and glued shut where it had stayed in the same place on my pillow all night long as I slept holding a baby under the crook of my arm, there was, in fact, one night of sleep where none of this happened and a few nigths of sleep where the baby stayed at the grandmother's house for some much needed sleep on the mom's part. But there suddenly appeared this light that sort of made the mom think she was getting to the end of this no sleep tunnel. Oh, the light would come and go. She'd be reaching out for the light, thinking she almost had it, and then BAM! the light would shut off and she thought surely she was doomed to a lifetime of no more good sleep. Ahh, but after 7 loooonnngg months, she has FINALLY reached the end of the tunnel and the light feels just wonderful. She now thinks that sleep may be in her future, but she's probably just jinxed the whole thing by blogging about it. Today, the baby is 7 months old, and guess who slept all the way through the night and did not wake up one time?????? Miss Bailey Boo did and what a proud Mama I am!

That's right folks, she did it! I did it! Sid did it! We had been putting her in her bed to start on for several nights and last Friday night she did just great. But then on Saturday night she let us know real quick that she was on to us and everytime we tried to lay her down she pop those eyes open and scream. I tried on Satruday night to let her cry it out but her Daddy didn't like that to much and I was tired so I gave in. And on Sunday night I didn't even try. Then Monday night she was so restless and I barely slept and I knew I must get the job done. So on Tuesday night I put her in the bed and she woke up and I let her cry on and off for about 20 minutes and then got her and rocked her back to sleep. Sid had the bright idea of putting his pillow in the bed with her and when I laid her back down it worked like a charm. At 5:30 this morning when I woke up and realized I hadn't been up I thought surely she was up under the pillow not breathing so I punched Sid and asked him to go check. He jumpped and returned to report that she was indeed breathing and still asleep. At 7:00 I finally got up to feed her, she was awake just still in the bed, and I needed to get ready for the day. When I went in to get her I realized why she wasn't crying yet. Bailey has thing for tags, tags on anything, it doesn't matter where or how big or small the toy or item, she just loves those white tags that stick out and she loves to chew on them. Well, she found a stuffed animal in her crib with her this morning that still had the store tag on it and it she had half eaten by the time I went in to get her. IT was quite funny!

But I'm just so proud of my Bailey Boo and I hope hope hope she continues it, but if not, at least we have reached the light and surely the exit from the tunnel is not too far!!!!!

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